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Biggest Fear


When I was a kid if you would have asked me what my biggest fear was I probably would have told you the Chuckie doll from the Child’s Play movies. Today CNN covered a story about the top 5 things that kids are afraid from ages 7-18 and for most kids across the country their fears are a lot more real. Things like being kidnapped, AIDS, and being threatened with a gun head the top of the list. This lets us know one of  two things, 1) either dolls aren’t as scary as they used to be or 2) young people of today are a lot more in tune about real world dangers. Let us know know what some of your biggest concerns are.

Read the CNN report here


3 Feet..No Pressure


I remember when I was about 12 years old and got my first basketball hoop in the backyard. Any time somebody would D’ Up on you real good on an inbound pass you could just say “3 Feet No Pressure!” and they had to back up. They knew they had to give you some space. But most the time when you’re under pressure it aint that simple.

 My family had moved from the South Side of Chicago to South Suburban Riverdale when I was 8. At the time I had never even heard of Riverdale ,or been to a suburb ,or even had a conversation with a person who wasn’t black other than a teacher. Alot of that changed real fast. My dad had been in  jail since I was 4, me and my mom didn’t have the best relationship, and to make it worse I was an only child (sorta) with no cousins within 10 miles or 10 years close to my age.

My only release was when I went back to the city to visit my God Brother Chris and his family. The problem was to them I was an outsider now. Like anybody else I wasn’t trying to be considered the lame of the group so proving myself was a constant thing. They all were great at sports but physically I wasn’t gonna be able to compete. My outlet became music. Hip-Hop, or Rap (whichever you wanna call it) to me was more than what my parents saw it as. Yeah it was a lot of reckless examples of violence, drugs, degrading women etc. But what wasn’t mainstream was the art form in it. The skill, the cleverness, the wit, the passion. The beat, the mic, the crowd, the delivery, the flow all showed me I could do me and didn’t have to be like anybody. I would still hoop  but writing became my release, it was my 3 feet no pressure.

What’s Yours?