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New Updates Coming Soon…


I know we haven’t updated the blog in quite some time but w/ the school year ending and Tom Dart’s Summer Youth Camps in full swing, it would be impossible to regularly update our site.  Here’s an update on how YSD’s summer went down.

  • Sheriff Tom Dart’s Youth Camp (two-weeks) w/ campers from Robbins, Chicago Heights, & Ford Heights was a huge success.  It ran from July 12th-23rd and the youth enjoyed two weeks of fun, excitement, and learned various new things.  Our campers also managed to make new friends heading into the new school year.
  • The second  youth camp during the summer was also a big hit.  The youth went swimming, skating, witnessed a minor league baseball game, and created arts & crafts, while learning new things during the 1st week of August.



So Live Your Life…

ti rihanna

It’s been 2 days since T.I. reported to the Arkansas Correctional Facility.  For those that may not know he’s serving a 10 month sentence for possession of firearms by a convicted felon (3 unregistered machine guns & 2 silencers).  Before he began serving his prison sentence he went through a great deal of media scrutiny, lost his endorsement deals, and dished out thousands of dollars to make bail.  He also served a long house arrest stint too, meaning less time to record music (which is his livelihood).  I say all that because this all could have been avoided if he were to “Think Twice”.  Here at the Youth Services Department, we have a program geared for students to think about they’re actions and the legal consequences that they carry. If T.I. would have thought about the consequences of his actions maybe he could do like the song says and “Live Your Life”