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Holiday Healing

On the eve of April Fools,  the Cook County Sheriff Department provided in a way that was from a practical joke. In the empoverished and under-privilaged South Suburban town of Ford Heights, we handed out close to 1,000 turkeys to local residents. Local news stations of WGN, ABC, and CBS came to take footage of the event as well as to interview residents and Sheriff Tom Dart.

Between 10am and 2pm, people from all over the south suburban area of all ages came in appreciation to receive what will most likely become a part of Sunday’s Easter Dinner. Approximately 30 Sheriff Department personnel attended the event and about just as many S.W.A.P. workers were there as a part of their service. Many of the SWAP workers expressed to Ron and I how they felt good being able to give back and be a part of something that was positive.

They helped us unload the truck filled with pallets of boxes. break down boxes, and even helped the elderly carry their bags to their cars. It wasn’t because they had to, but genuinely because they felt good about it. Some 40 deliveries were made by officers to elderly who weren’t able to come and another 200 or so were donated to local churches and organizations. People of all ages came out. It had the feeling of a cook out in the warm weather. We will be back in Ford Heights this summer to do our annual P.A.C.T. camp with youth from the town. Its all about giving back and helping each other and the best way to do that is to share the blessings that we have.



When you hear the words Cook County Jail, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Dangerous, criminals, drugs, bad people, rape, violence, dirty & filthy…or maybe words such as cops, the sheriff, judges and/or court come to mind.  Either way, I promise you it’s a place you don’t want to visit.

Channel MSNBC along w/ the Sheriff’s Department has created a show to give you a first hand look on what it’s like to be inside of the jail.  It’s called “The Squeeze” and it premieres on New Years Day at 9 pm CT, 10 pm ET.  The show follows the Criminal Intelligence Unit (CIU) as they penetrate the gang barriers within the prison and gather information about gang activity throughout Chicago.  Next “The Squeeze” follows as that information is used to bring down drug kingpins, get weapons off the street and solve murders. 

Sounds like an awesome show, and who knows it may sway you into a job w/ law enforcement in the future.  Check it out…



Pretty soon, we may have to add another notch onto Tom Dart’s belt.  He’s a family man (w/ 5 children and a wife), is the Sheriff of Cook County here in Illinois, he was featured in Time magazine’s 100 most influential list in 2009, and has made headlines nationwide.  Could he also be our next U.S. Senator following in the footsteps of our current Pres Barack Obama.  According to the Chicago Sun-Times, several sources claim that Dart was approached to run for the Senate seat.  In fact, a source of Tom Dart’s says that the sheriff is considering the possibility and will give an answer by the end of the month.

Honestly, I do hope he decides to run for U.S. Senate.  Sure he’d have to raise cash in order for him to run but he understands the people and seems to genuinely care about the wrongdoing happening in society.  For instance, he’s been the focal point in the Burr Oak scandal, and filed suit against Craigslist’s erotic services section.

Sheriff Tom Dart speculation