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So Live Your Life…

ti rihanna

It’s been 2 days since T.I. reported to the Arkansas Correctional Facility.  For those that may not know he’s serving a 10 month sentence for possession of firearms by a convicted felon (3 unregistered machine guns & 2 silencers).  Before he began serving his prison sentence he went through a great deal of media scrutiny, lost his endorsement deals, and dished out thousands of dollars to make bail.  He also served a long house arrest stint too, meaning less time to record music (which is his livelihood).  I say all that because this all could have been avoided if he were to “Think Twice”.  Here at the Youth Services Department, we have a program geared for students to think about they’re actions and the legal consequences that they carry. If T.I. would have thought about the consequences of his actions maybe he could do like the song says and “Live Your Life”



Who are you riding with?

sb13 jail-bus1

Yesterday I presented our Think Twice program to 8th grade students at Roosevelt Junior High. A school I graduated from over 10 years ago….WOW lol. It was cool seeing some of the staff that I recognized still there. It was also different seeing some new editions like flat screen TV’s in all the classes??? Probably the biggest difference was going back now as an adult this time instead of calling me Erik, they say Mr. Roberts. That’s kinda weird the first time you hear it from someone who helped raise you in a way but it means respect, it means “hey I recognize what you’re about now”.

The main topic of the Think Twice Program is about teaching young people laws that affect them and some honest truths about what jail and prison is like. At the end of the day its really about decision making. Are you going to make a choice that will help you out, teach you something, benefit you, develop you as a person? Or are you going to make a choice to prove yourself to a few people who won’t be there when you get locked up, hurt, or killed?

While I was presenting the program my sixth grade teacher came down with the biggest smile in the world as she stood outside the door. She told me another teacher told her I was there and that she should come observe. We talked for a few minutes before she went back to her class but before she left she gave me a hug, asked how old I was now, and when I told her 25, she said “wow, good to know I have a success”.

Felt good hearing her say that cuz it made me proud that I made her proud. Before I left I told the last class you don’t have to be a “lame” to know something or to not do something that you know will hurt you. In the end when you see some of those same “cool” people again later in life they won’t be important anyway.

-Real Talk