The District Attorney of Juneau County Wisconsin,  signed a new law that could hand out jail time for teaching comprehensive sex education in schools. This specifically includes teaching about how to properly use a condom and/or birth control. Teachers caught in violation of teaching on this subject could face 9 months in jail and up to $10,000 in fines. Can we all say WOW!?! I guess its safe to say stories about storks, birds, and bees may become a whole lot more common in High Schools in that area.

District Attorney Scott Southworth is said to be a devout Evangelical Republican. Wisconsin itself is very conservative and even has laws that can land teens under 17 in jail for having sex. Apparently the D.A. was offended when the Democratic Governor, Jim Doyle signed a state law requiring schools that teach sex education to include comprehensive teachings about contraceptives. He states that such teaching are encouraging minors to have sex and therefore assisting in illegal activity.

I imagine some people are in agreement with the new practice but there are many parents, teachers, and teens harshly speaking out against it. But there is a catch. Southworth can’t really override what is already state law. So in all likely hood even if he tries to prosecute someone in his district of Mauston Wisconsin,  for teaching comprehensive sex ed , the case probably wont hold up in court because its legal in state law to do so. Which makes Southworth a true Cheesehead!

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