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2010 BET Awards Recap: The Comeback?!?

The 2010 BET Awards aired on Sunday night, and while I’ll say I wasnt that much impressed, a few performances did leave a lasting impression.  It was good to see Kanye West finally back in the spotlight, after the whole Taylor Swift fiasco.  His performance though was pretty dull and boring, kind of like watching wet paint dry.  Alicia Keys was probably one of my favorite performers of the night, as her tribute to Prince was amazing.  How many pregnant women do you know, who can climb atop a piano and still perform at a high level.  Other notable performances included El DeBarge (who went through his old hits and some new music), Drake (new artist sensation who performed “Over”), Ludacris, and Dirty Money (who had the most smoke I’ve ever witnessed during a performance).

The performance that left a lasting impression though was Chris Brown’s tribute to MJ.  It served as a transformation period for the young star, and left many wanting more.  It was almost eery to watch him imitate MJ’s every dance move, including the moonwalk.  He seemed effortless and back in his element (as a performer on the big stage).  When he had the chance to woo the audience even more, he began to breakdown and cry.  Perhaps due to the fact of how he idolized MJ, or maybe b/c he felt sorry for all his mishaps.  Whatever it was, he sure made a lasting impression on everyone who witnessed his performance (some good, some bad).  Maybe, he’ll be able to make a comeback after all.



It seems just like yesterday, Taylor Swift was accepting her award at the MTV Awards and Kanye West runs onto stage to spoil the party.  But now since thats all said and done, Taylor Swift couldn’t be more happy w/ the direction of her career.  She racked up awards at the County Music Awards and topped the American Music Awards (AMA’s) w/ 5 awards including Artist of the Year.  The next big winner was Michael Jackson as the deceased King of Pop won 4 awards last night.  Other highlights of the evening included: Janet Jackson’s show opening routine featuring her number 1 hits and tribute to her brother; a raunchy performance by Adam Lambert; an eye-popping performance by Lady Gaga; Rihanna & Shakira both w/ cyborg performances; Eminem’s performance w/ help from labelmate 50 Cent, Mary J Blige w/ her elegant performance, and a special award given to Whitney Houston.

Pics from last night

I know there were more performances and winners last night and I want you all to weigh in under the comments section w/ The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly from last night…



On Sunday, Taylor Swift was accepting her first VMA Award for Best Female Video, when Kanye West showed how big his ego truly was.  He interrupted Swift’s acceptance speech to let everyone know that “Beyonce had one of the best videos of all-time” and she should have won.  My first thought was he doesn’t get it.  I’m a big time Kanye fan but he just doesn’t get it.  It’s not always about him, and this time he hurt himself and someone else’s first time to experience in winning an award.  Just because things don’t go your way, you don’t have the right to throw tantrums, interrupt shows, or be disrespectful.  Now Kanye’s reputation is once again tainted. I hope this teaches him a lesson on how to carry himself as a professional b/c after this MTV may not want him back at their award shows.  Here’s his apology from Jay Leno’s show:


We have now seen two of the most unlikely colabos of all time with Fergie out rapping Nelly on his own single and now Taylor Swift stepping up her street cred by doing what every real rapper does…get a T-Pain feature. So tell us who’s you think was better?

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