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Everytime you turn on the local news in Chicago, u hear about it.  Another person being shot or killed due to gun violence.  As the summer heats up, the streets seem to get even hotter.  Youth especially are dropping at an alarming rate.  Whether we look at how more than 36 CPS students died in 2009, or how more than 40 people were shot this past weekend, something has to be done.

Mayor Daley and a host of others have proposed a Chicago Handgun Ban throughout the city.  The purpose behind the new law is to decrease the number of guns on the street, while creating harsher punishments and consequences for thugs or delinquents who possess weapons.  I like the means behind the idea but it also put many at a disadvantage.  The biggest problem w/ the new law though is that its unconstitutional.  Chicago citizens have a constitutional right to keep & bear arms.  The other huge problem w/ this law is that now everyday working class citizens have a true reason to feel unsafe.  If a gun-toting home invader walks into someone’s home w/ the intent to steal, what leverage does the home owner have? It’s illegal to have a weapon in one’s own home, according to the new handgun ban.  This law makes home owners and citizens in general very uneasy, considering how often some see and hear about violence in their neighborhoods. 

Imagine, gang members & other criminals walking around w/ illegal weapons but you have nothing to fend for yourself nor family.  It’s a scary situation.  Even though the Supreme Court has struck down this handgun ban, something has to be done.  Mayor Daley plans to revise the ban but I don’t think it solves the bigger issue at hand.

Any suggestions???




The Supreme Court says Yes. Today in a 5-4 majority ruling the Nation’s highest ruling judges sided with  20 New Haven, Connecticut firemen who said they were denied promotions because they were not minorities. Ruling against the city of New Haven, the Court determined that promotion exams of several firemen were improperly tossed out because there were too few qualified Hispanic and African Americans to equally fill the available positions.

Because some work fields are required to employee a certain amount of jobs to minorities, the ruling is a critical one that may determine some future hiring and promotion practices across the country. Some are even arguing if equal opportunity and civil rights laws should even still be in place since events such as Barack Obama’s election shows some improvement on race relations. Although I do believe the ruling was fair I think its silly to assume opportunities are equally given to everyone. To learn more about this case and the ruling click here.


Kiss Me Through The Phone


Should "Sexting" Be A Felony?

Across the Country more and more cases of “Sexting” (sending of naked pictures via cell phone) are popping up in court rooms and being prosecuted as Felony Child Pornography charges. The logic is that anyone in possession of nude or semi-nude photographs of a minor is violating child pornography laws. But is that the same as a teen couple willingly exchanging pictures with each other? If so should they be charged like adults? Right now there doesn’t seem to be a clear answer of how to approach the issue.

Some of the higher profile cases have involved someones photos being leaked or sent out as a mass message to other peers or students leading to bullying, teasing, and in some cases suicide. But is it equally as harmful if it stays between a couple? I mean think about it. If a sixteen year old is found out to be intimately involved with another sixteen year old is that statutory rape? And if not then how can minors be charged with child pornography possession and possibly have to register as criminal sex offenders in the future? It seems to me that eventually the Supreme Court will get involved and have to sort out the problem. In the meantime I’m SMH….