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Lilo is Suing E-trade?!?

Via our pals at starzlife.com:

Does Lindsay Lohan need money THIS bad???  The once upon a time actress is suing E-trade for using the name “Lindsay” in their Superbowl commercial. For 100 million dollars!

Haven’t seen it yet?  Well Lohan is claiming that in the commercial, which features a boy baby apologizing to his girlfriend for not calling her the night before while he’s trading stocks on e-trade.  The girl baby gets jealous and brings up “that milkoholic Lindsay.”

Get this!  The actress’ lawyer is claiming that her name is just as recognizable as other one-word monikers, including Madonna and Cher, which means that e-trade had no right to use her name without her permission, because clearly they were talking about her.

Absolutely NOT!  Lindsay Lohan shouldn’t even be allowed to be featured in the same blog post as Madonna and Cher, and to sue them for 100 million dollars?



Last night, if you love high scoring games full of explosive big plays and alot of offense, this was the game for you.  If you’re a fan of defense, well let’s just say you didn’t have too much to smile about.  The Arizona Cardinals faced off w/ the Green Bay Packers in a historic wild card matchup which featured 1,024 yrds of offense and 62 first downs.  Oh yeah, the two teams combined for a score of 96 total points as the Cardinals defeated the Packers 51-45. 

What more could football fans ask for!!! Kurt Warner seemed to turn back the hands of time throwing 29/33 for 379 yrds and 5 touchdowns, while Aaron Rodgers was 28/42 w/ 422 yrds and 4 touchdowns. Talk about an epic QB matchup.  The run games of both teams weren’t much of a factor in this one but it didn’t matter.  We even had a missed FG in the final seconds of regulation, causing an overtime stir.  The play of the game wasn’t after Rodgers lost the ball on a fumble which resulted in Karlos Dansby touchdown run, but when Rodgers had Jennings wide open behind the Cards D but overthrew him.  That’s the play I know Rodgers wants back but ultimately decided this one for the Pack.  Let’s just say Arizona played all the right Cards last night.

Will the Arizona Cardinals make it to the SuperBowl?


When Will Athletes Learn: Burress Gets Sentenced


Today Plaxico Burress pleaded guilty to one count of attempted criminal possession of a weapon, a lesser charge than he initially faced.  As a result, he now faces a 2 year prison sentence for accidentally shooting himself in a New York club.  For those that didn’t know Plaxico Burress was a former NY Giants Wide Receiver and caught the Superbowl winning touchdown for his team.  Today though, he took a huge loss financially (losing his salary and future endorsements) & on the field.  He’s interrupted his life and future b/c he didn’t think about the trouble he’d face if he got caught.  I know celebrities are easy targets for their attackers but c’mon we gotta be smarter than that people.  With all the money he’s making, he could have easily hired security or bodyguard.  SmartenUp!!!

Did Plaxico make the right decision?

Was it worth it?