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Why U Shouldn’t Drink & Drive?!?

With the holidays fast approaching, parties and celebrations are going on everywhere.  But if there’s one thing I can urge you not to do (all my 21 and older readers) its to not DRINK AND DRIVE.  Over the weekend, a 19-year-old Homer Glen man was killed in a crash by an alleged drunken driver with more than a dozen previous traffic, alcohol and drug arrests.

The Sun Times reports that “Kevin Benes was driving home from work in Palatine on Dec. 11 when he exited Interstate 355 at 143rd Street in Lockport. Police told the Benes family that as the light turned green, Benes pulled into the intersection before Bourdage’s Dodge Ram barreled into his Dodge Neon.  Michael Bourdage, 24, of Homer Glen, has been charged with two counts of aggravated drunken driving. He is being held on $500,000 bail at Will County jail.”

We hear these stories time and time again but these tragedies have to stop.  Lives shouldn’t be taken because someone forgets to be responsible.  Last night we lost two lives, the man who died in the car accident and the drunken man b/c now he’ll spend the rest of his life in prison.





I guess when Young Jeezy screamed, “It’s a recession, everybody broke” he really meant it.  This comes after news that Assemblyman James Tedisco created a bill that would charge wealthy criminals $90 a day for room and board at state prisons.  It’s called the “Madoff Bill,” after billion-dollar Ponzi schemer Bernard Madoff, and is designed to help the $1 billion annual cost of incarcerating prisoners.  WOW I know right!!! Times are rough and everyone’s feeling the effects of this recession.  Could u imagine having to pay for toilet tissue or meals in prison like everyday citizens do.


Over in Phoenix & other places this seems to be the case.  Phoenix Sheriff Joe Arpaio makes prisoners sleep outdoors in 100-degree-plus heat.  He even announced that inmates would be charged $1.25 per day for meals.  In Iowa’s Des Moines County, the budget hole was so bad that politicians considered charging prisoners for toilet paper.  On another note, how would inmates leaving jail w/ debt contribute to them becoming a functional member of society?

Weigh in w/ your comments…


Homecoming: Goodell Reinstates Mike Vick

Mike Vick has been re-instated to play in the NFL. Problem is, what team is willing to take a risk on him?

Mike Vick has been re-instated to play in the NFL. Problem is, what team is willing to take a risk on him?

After serving his prison sentence for dog-fighting, Mike Vick has finally been reinstated back into the NFL under pre-conditions of course.  Roger Goodell (NFL Commissioner) says that Vick can practice, workout, attend meetings and play in the final 2 pre-season games, if a team wants to pick him up.  Also, Vick will not be able to play until 6 games into the regular season.  Personally, I feel as though Goodell shouldn’t have punished Mike Vick further after he already repaid his debt to society by going to jail, losing 60 million dollars, his brand name & ultimately his livelihood.  To me the conditional terms for re-instatement add salt to an already open wound.  This illustrates that at the end of the day, actions don’t matter, its the consequences we have to live with!!!

On the flip side, I’m happy Vick is back & I look forward to him making a full comeback into the league.  He’ll bounce back just like Kobe did, after his legal troubles.  Maybe the Bears should pick him up as a back-up QB behind Cutler.  Hmmm…

Let’s not forget what Vick can do on the field…


“Pops Loved Me”


“Pops loved me sending letters from his cell/trying to get my ma and grandma to help put up his bail/had a better chance of finding water in hell/he send me lessons and I send him back pictures through the mail”

Those are the opening lines of a song I recorded late 2007 called “Pops Loved Me”. Since I was about 4 years old my dad spent close to 20 of the 25 years of my life in prison. Graduations, birthdays, holidays, weddings, funerals, new born babies and an extended list of a million more things were among what he missed during that time. This past Memorial Day weekend was the first chance I got see him as a free man in 8 years. It was the first time I ever fired up the bbq grill with him. First time I ever drove him somewhere in my car. And it was the first time he ever heard one of the half dozen songs that I had written inspired by him and my childhood.

People ask me if it was awkward, uncomfortable, or weird being around him after so long. To me it wasn’t at all. It was a lot more awkward being patted down and searched, escorted into a guarded room with steel doors, and sitting at a round table that he wasn’t’ allowed to get up from without asking an officer in the visiting room. I felt more uncomfortable those times I said something about my dad to a stranger, a  friend, or girlfriend knowing they have no idea who he is. It was more weird sending him letters instead of calling him or going over to the house and talking to him whenever I felt like it. Unlike a lot of kids who grew up without their fathers, I was fortunate enough to still have some kind of relationship with him that taught me a lot at a young age. You always hear “learn from the mistakes of others” and learning from his mistakes played a big role in the things I decided to do and not to do.

The thing about it is if you look at this picture, or talk to my dad in person it wouldn’t be anything that says “hmmm that guy strikes me as a convicted felon.” That’s because he is no different from you or me in a lot of ways. People who end up incarcerated are fathers, brothers, sons,  mothers, daughters, lawyers, doctors, thieves, murders, and innocent bystanders. For a lot of people who go in to places like Stateville, Logan, Taylorville, Pontiac,  and Menard its a matter of making one wrong choice. Its a matter of having one friend talking them into one bad decision. Or a matter of them thinking “this is my only choice” to get even, to get money, to get respect, or to just to get by.  If you ever have known someone who has been/is locked up, let them be your example to learn from.