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Chicago Plans to Unveil New Police Cars

For those thinking about a career in law enforcement, here’s some new insight.  You know how when you hear police sirens coming from blocks away, and then next up you see a Crown Victoria zooming down the block? Well, pretty soon we no longer will be seeing those Crown Vic’s anyone because they are getting phased out.  New police cars w/ the latest advancements in technology plan to be introduced under Chicago’s Ford plant on Torrence.  The new police interceptors will be Ford Taurus models designed to be faster, safer & stronger. 

New upgrades:

  • It will have a V-6 engine that produces 263 horsepower
  • The gear shifter is on the steering column to free up space between the front seats for gear.
  • The rear door panels swing out 10 degrees farther than on a regular Taurus to make it easier to get detainees in and out.
  • Larger trunk to accommodate equipment.



I was reading the Chicago Sun Times a few days back and came across an unbelievable story.  A 33 yr old Joliet man was in a Harris Bank while his 36 yr old girlfriend waited in the car.  While inside, he sent her a text message saying “a man with a gun was inside the bank,” but his attempt at humor failed, and the woman called 911 to report a bank robbery.  Next thing you know, cops swarm down onto the bank, all because of a false alarm sent thru a text.

The man was questioned, arrested on a felony charge of disorderly conduct, and put in jail.  WOW, guess there is a limit of texting, even if you have an unlimited text plan.  In the end, Jeremy Donaldson & his girlfriend had nothing to LOL about.



As William Clifton sat while his cousin pleaded guilty to a felony drug charge, he stretched out and yawned.  His sentence?  Six months in jail.  WOW I know right.  According to the Chicago Tribune, the maximum someone can be held in criminal contempt without a jury is 6 months.  The judge saw his gesture as total disrespect and an attempt to disrupt the court proceedings.  I’m no lawyer or anything like that but don’t we need room to lock-up real criminals in an already over-crowded jail system.  We have over 10,000 people locked up in Cook County jail and last I checked yawning wasn’t on the same level as murder, theft, kidnapping, drug dealing, etc.  Just last month, I remember Donte Stallworth being released from jail after serving a 30-day sentence for DUI manslaughter.  On the other hand, another man gets 6 months for yawning in the courtroom.  SMH

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Was that Necessary?!?

When I first saw this video I was in shock, thinking like why is that much force necessary for a 72-year old woman.  When I looked at it a second time, I felt like the officer acted correctly and was trying to protect this citizen while following the proper protocol.  Many officers use there badges as leverage and do things out of the norm.  I don’t know if this was the case here. But I want to know what you think! Police brutality or Following Protocol? Share your thoughts…