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How Did U Celebrate Easter?!?

I know many students enjoyed this past weekend.  Many were on Spring Break and for those that were in school, many were able to enjoy a nice 3 day weekend w/ great weather.  I hope everyone managed to enjoy the Spring Chicago weather (70 degrees & up all weekend).  I know I did, managed to spend time w/ my family and friends and went to see Why Did I Get Married Too.  Awesome movie just a FYI and would recommend it to anyone 13 yrs old and up.

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Is there anything Beyonce isn’t good at? LOL but really is there?  She sold countless album w/ her group Destiny’s Child and has had great success as a solo artist.  This year she was named “Woman of the Year” by Billboard magazine.  She will receive her honor on Oct. 2nd at Billboard’s annual Women in Music Event in NYC.  This year alone, Beyonce starred in the #1 movie Obsessed, had her own arena tour, and sand at President Obama’s inaugaration.

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First cloned pet Little Nicky 2004

First cloned pet Little Nicky 2004

I’m pretty sure most people aren’t aware of this but 5 years ago a company called Genetic Savings and Clone sold a woman a clone of her dead  cat Nicky for $50,000. That’s right you can officially clone your pets if you can afford it. Just need a little DNA sample like left over hair, an egg donor, and enough money to shoot a a half dozen music videos and wala’, favorite pet Part 2.

However let’s not get it twisted. Unlike the movies cloning in real life is more complicated than putting someone or something in a machine and then an identical version pops out the other end. In real life clones have to be born all over again and the new baby grows up more like a twin than a replica. It will have a different personality, different experiences, and maybe different behaviors because it wont be the same animal. It will just look like it.

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The Box-Office Battle…


The same action G.I. Joe action figures I grew up playing with as a kid, now rules the box-office with the Number 1 movie in the country.  “G.I. Joe: The Rise of the Cobra” raked in 56.2 million this weekend.  Second place went to “Julie & Julia” which earned 20.1 million this weekend.  Rounding out the list was Disney’s new movie “G-Force” at number 3 (earning 9.8 million) and Adam Sandler’s latest film “Funny People” w/ 7.9 million.

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