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Nearly one in four young, black, male high school dropouts are incarcerated or institutionalized on an average day.

Have you ever contemplated this thought before? How about heard someone say it, like your close friends or peers.  It’s something many of us are familiar w/ these days but we all should think long and hard before we actually do it.  Many times, when I go into high schools, or upper level classes, students are moreso nonchalant, sometimes look sleepy or uninterested.  When I see these things happening and ask students what else could you be doing instead of going to school, I always get the same answers: sleep, watching tv, getting money, having fun, the mall, etc. All things that won’t get you to the next step in life (i.e. College, finding employment, etc).

Kanye West first album was titled, "The College Dropout"

By dropping out of school or not taking school seriously, not only do you put yourself at risk (ex. dangerous situations because you have more time on your hands, may get caught up in the wrong crowd, etc) but you also increase the likelihood of going to jail down the line. 

Nearly one in four young, black, male high school dropouts are incarcerated or institutionalized on an average day. A new study by Northwestern University shows that about one in every 10 young male high school dropouts is in jail or juvenile detention, compared with the slim one in 35 young male high school graduates.

It’s time to step it up people.  Just because something is difficult to accomplish, whether it be school, your environment, finding a job, getting accepted into college, and so on, doesn’t mean that hurdle cannot be overcame.  Here’s a quote that a friend once told me: “Failures don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan.”  Let’s set our goals and accomplish them together.



k west

Gotta give it to Kanye for motivating the youth to stay in school by using his celebrity.  Students from Harlan Community Academy, Manley Career Academy, Mather High School, Robeson High School, Senn High School, and Von Steuben Metropolitan Science Center filled three levels of the theater armed with camera phones and digital cameras.

In order to get tickets, students had to improve attendance, arrive to school and classes promptly, decrease school and class tardiness, improve grades in all classes with no failing grades and reduce the number of misconduct citations they may have received.


Attention: ……..Span


So we all know when the weather gets warm it takes some kind of super human strength to focus on things like the area of a cylinder or world history. When it comes down to it its about discipline. When you go to college just about every semester you have 1 or 2 professors who either have a really strong ascent that’s hard to follow or who just randomly talk whether you are paying attention or not.

This week I have a lot of friends still in college who are stressing out about finals, presentations, and reports trying to graduate. For me the hardest thing about college wasn’t really the work. It was more so being organized. When you are in junior high or high school a lot of times you have teachers constantly reminding you when work is due. Sometimes they allow you to make up missing assignments or redo work or test that you didn’t do well on. In college for the most part you don’t get those opportunities. There isn’t someone constantly saying “hey did you finish that project due next week yet?”. Or a parent saying “you should probably study now instead of seeing who gets eliminated from American Idol tonight”. It’s really up to you and focusing can be a hard thing to do if you not used to relying on yourself.

Being in school is about learning the system. You learn how to work in groups, how to organize ideas, how to solve problems, how to work under stress, and how to make up answers on essay test. Half of the stuff you learn in class you might not ever use in real life, that’s no secret. But learning how to get stuff done, no matter what it is can help you later on. Sometimes you have to face challenges.So my advice is don’t sleep on yourself,  because if you do so will everybody else.