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Tiger Opts Out Of His Own Tournament

The most famous and wealthy (can you say $$$Billionaire???) athlete in the world has been the center of media attention for the last week, since rumors circulating his personal life and reports of a mysterious car crash at 2 AM on the day after Thanksgiving hit the media. The timing of the crash was crucial, less than 1 week before the Tiger Woods sponsored “Chevron World Challenge” tournament which Woods has now stated he will not golf again until 2010 due to injuries sustained in the accident.

To anyone who might have been watching CNN or Sports Center last Friday morning you might have noticed how the incident played out in reverse of the tragic loss of Michael Jackson just a few months ago. In less than 1 hour reports about the incident completely changed. At first the only info given was that Tiger was injured in a car crash outside his home and was in “Critical Condition” in a hospital. Slowly details emerged that he hit a hydrant and a tree, then that his wife had pulled him out unconscious, until finally he was barely injured at all and left with minor cuts on his face.

Since then police and reporters have failed to get an interview from Woods on the details of the crash and why it happened. We may never know but the good thing is he’s alive and well and hopefully will be able to get past this and catch Jack Nicholson in the Green Jacket race.



It seems just like yesterday, Taylor Swift was accepting her award at the MTV Awards and Kanye West runs onto stage to spoil the party.  But now since thats all said and done, Taylor Swift couldn’t be more happy w/ the direction of her career.  She racked up awards at the County Music Awards and topped the American Music Awards (AMA’s) w/ 5 awards including Artist of the Year.  The next big winner was Michael Jackson as the deceased King of Pop won 4 awards last night.  Other highlights of the evening included: Janet Jackson’s show opening routine featuring her number 1 hits and tribute to her brother; a raunchy performance by Adam Lambert; an eye-popping performance by Lady Gaga; Rihanna & Shakira both w/ cyborg performances; Eminem’s performance w/ help from labelmate 50 Cent, Mary J Blige w/ her elegant performance, and a special award given to Whitney Houston.

Pics from last night

I know there were more performances and winners last night and I want you all to weigh in under the comments section w/ The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly from last night…



The documentary of the late great Michael Jackson called “This is It” is set to shatter box-office records.  It comes out today (Wednesday) and so far, ticket pre-sales are at an all-time high!! Also don’t forget the movie will only run in theaters for 2 weeks, so if you don’t have your tickets already I suggest you run to the theater before it’s too late.  The movie captures Jackson at rehearsal and back stage footage as he planned to embark on tour overseas.

Do you plan to go to the show and see “This Is It”!?! Weigh in under the comments section


I ran across this today and couldn’t stop laughing at this video of Obama dancing like Michael Jakson.  For the record, this is an impersonator dancing at the Comic Con.


Pinhead Hall of Fame: Bill O’Reilly

I’m now putting Bill O’Reilly into his own infamous Pinhead Hall of Fame.  MJ hasn’t been in his grave for 24 hours and already O’Reilly is ranting and raving.  It’s funny how he discusses that Michael spent millions on himself  & depict him as selfish but forgets to discuss how he holds the Guinness World Record for “Most Charities Supported By A Pop Star”, with a staggering 39 international organizations (or 500 million dollars lifetime).

Guiness Book of records source



Lucky Michael Jackson fans got the e-mails they were hoping for Sunday, saying they’ve won two free tickets to Tuesday’s memorial service.  Over 8,700 fans chosen were summoned to Dodger Stadium Monday to pick up their tickets. Two wristbands were also given out to prevent them from reselling them. The Michael Jackson memorial, set for 10 a.m tomorrow  in the Staples Center arena, is expected to be a star-studded and emotional tribute to the entertainer, who died June 25.  I’m hearing whispers that Jennifer Hudson will open up for the tribute show!




When the King of Pop was living, many fans and critics believed Chris Brown was the closest thing to him.  He moves like the MJ, is a great performer, young & talented like Michael and had alot of positive things going his way.  With his recent volatile and messy breakup w/ Rihanna though, he hasn’t been as successful.  I’m not fully convinced that he’ll bounce back from his career ending actions w/ Rihanna but he sure reminds me of MJ in a few ways.  Here he is at P. Diddy’s all white party over the weekend, dancing to “Thriller”.



Michael Jackson’s death may have overshadowed the release of the new Transformer’s movie, but its opening week numbers sure didn’t prove it!  After opening to $60.6 million on Wednesday, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen has grossed an estimated $201 million over its first five days, second only to The Dark Knight’s 5-day opening of $203 million. Its weekend total reached $112 million, the best three-day opening this summer.

Cameron Diaz in My Sister’s Keeper, grossed $12 million this weekend.

The Proposal in theaters for a ten-day total of $69.1 million and a weekend take of $18.5 million.

The Hangover grossed an additional $17.2 million for a total of $183.2 million and third spot in the rankings.

Pixar’s Up has now out grossed Cars, earning $13 million for a total take of $250 million.