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Singer Keyshia Cole & Cleveland Caviliers point guard Daniel Gibson have annouced the birth of their baby boy.  The two are currently engaged and plan to get married very soon.  Cole’s publicist, Tresa Sanders, says in a statement to The Associated Press that Daniel Hiram Gibson Jr. was born Tuesday evening. He weighs 7 pounds, 3 ounces.  She goes on to say, “mother and baby are doing great” and Cole would especially like to thank her fans.

On a sports note, it looked like the Cavs didn’t miss Daniel “Boobie” Gibson much last night as they crushed the league’s worst team, the New Jersey Nets.  LeBron James finished w/ 26 pts, 14 assts, and 7 rebounds in a 111-92 rout last night.



Swagger Check: Nike Air Max LeBron VII

These are scheduled to drop in the near future.  Tell us what u think…


LeBron James and his Nike team tried their best to keep the infamous tape from ever being leaked to the general public.  But in this day and age, nothing is safe, no matter how many tapes you confiscate. Check out what our friends at TMZ got there hands on…

For the record, the dunk doesn’t look too bad and the video image itself isn’t the best.  LOL What am I saying, Crawford got him pretty good.  I bet LeBron went up in the air thinking, there’s no way he’s gonna finish on me.  Just count it as a loss LBJ & get em next year.


Poor Sport?!?


It was only 3 weeks ago and the world was praising LeBron James for winning MVP of the regular season and handling his business in a professional manner.  He’d always treat the media, his teammates, & fans with respect, while never having a misstep off the court.  In Game 6, he had a good night finishing w/ 25 pts, 7 assts, & 7 rebounds, and carried his team through the series averaging over 30 pts.  After the Game 6 loss to Orlando though, his character reared its ugly head.  For those that don’t know, he stormed off the court dodging reporters and not even congratulating the Orlando Magic.

Someone once told me, “adversity does not build character, but reveals character.”  On this night, LeBron showed his character and it was in poor form.  If you want all the glory after hitting the game winning three pointer to beat the Magic in Game 2, you have to be there to answer the questions about the disappointment when your team gets eliminated from the playoffs.  They next day when talking to reporters LeBron stated that “It’s hard for me to congratulate somebody after you just lose to them,” he said. “I’m a winner.”  I could see where he’d be frustrated after seeing everything they worked for all season long go down the drain, but as a professional athlete its apart of the job.

This serves as a life lesson illustrating that life is full of disappointments.  They may include not getting the shoes or clothes you desire, not getting the first job you applied for, not getting the final grade you wanted, or not getting into your top college choice.  Having character is crucial to one’s success on & off the court and also in life.  Had the Cavs won, I bet King James would have been all smiles, going to the podium in his suit and answered every question. All in all, I hope this serves as a life lesson showing that the way you carry yourself is important all the time because in life all things aren’t for certain!!

As for those Vitamin Water ads, I bet they wish they didn’t choose “The King!!!”