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Real Talk: Weekend Sports Wrap Up

Kobe signed his extension with the Lakers worth reportedly $90 million

It’s been an exciting weekend for anyone who loves sports.  U had Butler and Duke both advance in the NCAA tournament and will go head to head tonight, to see who will be the 2010 NCAA Champs!!! Drop a comment and let us know who will win tonight?

Also, there was a big shake up in the NFL this weekend and future Hall of Famer Donovan McNabb now has a new home, but didn’t go too far.  He’ll stay in the NFC East division but will start the 2010-2011 season as a Washington Redskin.  Redskin fans have to be jumping w/ joy after the moves they’ve pulled off so far.

In NBA news Gilbert Arenas managed to dodge a jail stint for bringing loaded guns into the Washington Wizards locker room.  The judge instead ordered him into a halfway house.  Smarten Up people!!!  But he will go to jail for two days for medical screening & classification.  Also, the department wants him “to see a jail and understand what they have avoided,” according to ESPN .

And as if he already didn’t have enough to smile about, Kobe Bryant signed his extension w/ the Los Angeles Lakers worth reportedly $90 million over 3 yrs.  WOW, gotta love the NBA!!!




The best feeling in the world for NBA superstars is to win it all, but I bet for Kobe it feels even better to do just that while emphatically ending all the chatter about how he hasn’t won a ring without Shaq.  He led his team by averaging 32.4 points and 7.4 assists, marking the best combination of those averages since Jerry West (37.9 points, 7.4 assists in 1969 Finals).  His team deserves alot of credit because they all played well.  I really hope the Lakers franchise can find a way to keep Ariza & Odom because I wanna see LA repeat next year!!!


Prediction Time…

Who will win it all?!?

 Tonight’s the night!!! Game 1 of the NBA Finals and we wanna know who are you taking in this series?  I got Kobe and company winning it all this year, its his time.  He’s finally going to get a ring without Shaq.  He’s a scoring champion, league MVP, and has led his team to back-to-back NBA Finals appearances.  I can’t front though, I like what Dwight Howard and his team has been able to do throughout the season.  He’s been the main reason the Magic organization has turned around from its losing ways.  This year alone, he led the league in blocks and rebounds while becoming the defensive  Player of the Year.

I look forward to a competitive series but in the end, I’ll be watching Kobe hold up those 4 fingers.