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Everytime you turn on the local news in Chicago, u hear about it.  Another person being shot or killed due to gun violence.  As the summer heats up, the streets seem to get even hotter.  Youth especially are dropping at an alarming rate.  Whether we look at how more than 36 CPS students died in 2009, or how more than 40 people were shot this past weekend, something has to be done.

Mayor Daley and a host of others have proposed a Chicago Handgun Ban throughout the city.  The purpose behind the new law is to decrease the number of guns on the street, while creating harsher punishments and consequences for thugs or delinquents who possess weapons.  I like the means behind the idea but it also put many at a disadvantage.  The biggest problem w/ the new law though is that its unconstitutional.  Chicago citizens have a constitutional right to keep & bear arms.  The other huge problem w/ this law is that now everyday working class citizens have a true reason to feel unsafe.  If a gun-toting home invader walks into someone’s home w/ the intent to steal, what leverage does the home owner have? It’s illegal to have a weapon in one’s own home, according to the new handgun ban.  This law makes home owners and citizens in general very uneasy, considering how often some see and hear about violence in their neighborhoods. 

Imagine, gang members & other criminals walking around w/ illegal weapons but you have nothing to fend for yourself nor family.  It’s a scary situation.  Even though the Supreme Court has struck down this handgun ban, something has to be done.  Mayor Daley plans to revise the ban but I don’t think it solves the bigger issue at hand.

Any suggestions???



When Will Athletes Learn: Burress Gets Sentenced


Today Plaxico Burress pleaded guilty to one count of attempted criminal possession of a weapon, a lesser charge than he initially faced.  As a result, he now faces a 2 year prison sentence for accidentally shooting himself in a New York club.  For those that didn’t know Plaxico Burress was a former NY Giants Wide Receiver and caught the Superbowl winning touchdown for his team.  Today though, he took a huge loss financially (losing his salary and future endorsements) & on the field.  He’s interrupted his life and future b/c he didn’t think about the trouble he’d face if he got caught.  I know celebrities are easy targets for their attackers but c’mon we gotta be smarter than that people.  With all the money he’s making, he could have easily hired security or bodyguard.  SmartenUp!!!

Did Plaxico make the right decision?

Was it worth it?




Ricardo Marchan was very upset after the breakup w/ his girlfriend.  So what did he do? Kick & scream…No.  Get into petty fights…No.  Carry an attitude w/ everyone…Well, kinda.  He went on a violent rampage that resulted in the deaths of two innocent people.  He shot Michael Hernandez (an 18 year old planning on heading to college) in the back on the head and Patrick Cregan (a pizza-man who was on the job at the time) in the back of the head as well.  Both died instantly.  But the heartless Marchan didn’t stop and even robbed two guys on Aug 2nd.  After firing shots in the air, to prove the gun was real, police ran onto the scene and captured the twisted former boyfriend.  Tests revealed his gun was used in the two previous murders and now the heartless individual faces 2 counts of murder and one count of armed robbery.

Violence is never the way, especially when trying to vent out frustration and anger.  Never act on emotions but instead harness that energy and learn from it.  The results can be dreadful and cost you your life.  Just ask Ricardo Marchan.  Was the breakup w/ his girlfriend so heart-wrenching that two people had to die?  I know she’ll never want him back now, if ever a time she did!

In the words of Kanye West “How could you be so heartless?”





This weekend, Chicago hosted its annual gun by-back event w/ hopes of getting more guns off the streets.  In return for turning in guns at 1 of the 27 churches apart of the event, Chicagoans would recieve gift cards of 10-100 dollars.  But this year, the numbers of the prgram were down going from 6,8000 guns recovered in 08 to 1,887 guns recovered this year!  We’ve got to do better Chicago, especially if we want to see change in our communities.  Gun violence is at an all time high, which means we’re losing our future leaders to senseless violence.  Everywhere we turn, our youth are suffering from gun violence.



So Far Gone…

Health Club Shooting

Last week, violence erupted inside of an aerobics class in LA Fitness.  The shooter, a man who worked in the law firm’s finance department was upset w/ life and took out his rage through hurting others.  He also kept an updated blog page which described him as anti-social, unmarried, and one who hasn’t had a girlfriend since 1984 or a date since 2008.  Still this shouldn’t give someone enough reason to go into a women’s aerobics class and just begin to shot wildly.  In all he killed 3 women, then turned the gun on himself. 

Are we “So Far Gone” that since we cannot find affection, we take out our frustration on others through any means neccessary.  Innocent people lost their lives due to someone else not being able to find happiness.  Also I know at least someone had to have ran across his personal blog site.  The police were never notified.  Has things such as the internet and online gaming, distanced us from one another that we’re never aware what’s going on in each other’s lives.  Seems like technology can serve as a double edged sword these days…



How Much is Life Worth?


Over the weekend a Wisconsin restaurant manager and employee were robbed at gunpoint.  Today two suspects were captured for the robbery, that resulted in a manager being seriously wounded and the death of an 18-year old employee.  This is another example of senseless violence in our world.  For the record, the robbery landed Julian Miller, 28, and Daniel Gonzalez, 23 $14 but will ultimately cost the two of them there freedom. 

Going to school puts you in a position so that you won’t have to do these things just to make ends meat & survive.  Will we ever learn that robbing and killing people is not a solution to the financial trouble we face.  We gotta learn that in life you just can’t skate through, and many times take the easy way out! Now a life is gone and two additional lives are ruined all over $14.   Is life only worth $14 in today’s world?



Anybody who keeps up w/ the news or went to Julian High School on the South-side knows where that clip was from.  That’s footage from Michael “Mario” Pace hopping onto a CTA bus after school and shooting wildly on the bus in an attempt to hit a rival gangmember.  Although he didn’t mean to hit any innocent bystanders, he killed a Chicago Police officer’s son “Blair Holt” while he tried to shield a female friend from gunfire.  According to the Sun-Times, Pace’s attorney said “her client felt “deep guilt” for pulling the trigger on May 10, 2007, and even tried to commit suicide shortly after his arrest.”  His actions told a different story though as he never apologized to the victim’s family, often smirked as the family wept, and yawned and spoke under his breath.

This instance is sad on so many levels.  Another CPS student dies over something so small and trivial.  Also we lost 2 kids to gun violence because now Michael Pace (18 years old) has to spend the next 100 yrs in prison.  Something that’s always stuck w/ me is “What happens in the dark, will come to light.”  This is a prime example.  Let this be a lesson: Don’t let you anger get the best of you & do not play the fall guy for anybody. 

I think the sentence was fair and sends out a BIG message to youth today.