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For those that are looking for change in the right direction, City Colleges of Chicago is now offering FREE online GED preparation courses through GED-i.  Through GED-i you can study for the GED on your own time from any computer with a high-speed internet connection.

  • Registration is ongoing throughout the year at 6 City Colleges
  • Students have access to an instructor for assistance and support
  • Classes are FREE.


  • Score at or above the 9th grade level in Reading & the 7.5 grade level in Math on the Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE).  Test is provided by City Colleges
  • Have reliable, regular access to a computer w/ high speed Internet access (DSL or Cable Modem)
  • Have basic computer skills like keyboarding, navigating the Internet & using email

Apply Today

  • Select a college from the list below
  • Call or email to request an appointment
  • Plan to go to campus on the day of appointment to take a placement test and complete registration

Questions: Contact 312-553-3334 or DO-AAE@ccc.edu for more info.


GED-i Registration Schedule

North Side – Truman College

1145 W. Wilson Chicago, IL 60640

Jay Landau

773-907-4363/ Mondays at 9:00 am/ Thursdays at 2:00 pm or by appointment


Northwest – Wright College

4300 N. Narragansett Chicago, IL 60634

Linda Ward

773-481-8941/ Call for an appointment



Central – Malcolm X College

1900 W. Van Buren Chicago, IL 60612

Brenda Baker

312-850-7276 / Every Friday from 9-1 by appointment



South – Kennedy-King College

6301 S. Halsted Street Chicago, IL 60621


Daniel Forbes

773-602-5340 / Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10am


Southeast – Olive-Harvey College

10001 S. Woodlawn Ave. Chicago, IL 60628

Arsenia Williams

773-291-6696 / Monday-Thursday at 9:00am & 5:00pm


Southwest – Daley College

7500 S Pulaski Chicago, IL 60652


Theresa Shumpert

773-838-7800 / Students must call for an appointment to register on the below dates:

Thursday, September 24, at 9:45am

Thursday, October 29 9:45am

Monday, November 30 9:45am

Thursday, December 3 at 9:45am



College isn't for everyone

I’ve heard the saying time and time again.  In some cases, people use it as an excuse as to why they didn’t try to get into college (ex. high school was boring so I knew college wasn’t for me, or “what’s the point, everyone isn’t meant to go to college anyway”).  But in some cases, it is the truth.  Some families cannot afford to put their children through college, some students don’t have the mental capacity or discipline for a college atmoshpere, and some youth have other plans following highschool (i.e. Cosmotology School- Hair designer, Barber, nail technician, auto mechanic, or trade school).  If you aren’t going to college after high school and may not be interested in any of the jobs I just listed, here are some other options.  Whatever you decide, don’t forget to plan for your future!!

1. Aides supervisor $60,652

Aides supervisors typically supervise home-health aides, monitoring quality of care and setting work schedules.

2. Assembly supervisor $59,926

Assembly supervisors oversee workers who put together products by using power tools or other dangerous equipment.

3. Assistant site manager $86,584

At a construction site, assistant site managers report to head site managers and plan, direct and coordinate the necessary tasks to complete that day’s activities.

4. Automobile service station manager $81,793

The manager draws up guidelines for gas stations and automotive repair shops and decides on hours of operation, assigns job duties and sets prices for services and products.

5. Cable supervisor $71,826

Cable supervisors monitor workers who install, maintain and repair cables, and also perform related services.

6. Carpenter supervisor $70,565

Carpenter supervisors oversee carpentry work on a specified project to ensure that workers are on schedule and executing plans accordingly. The supervisor also performs some of the carpentry duties if time permits.

7. Chemical supervisor $67,114

Chemical supervisors oversee workers who make chemical products, which involves handling dangerous substances and following strict guidelines.

8. Construction equipment operator $50,783

These operators are in charge of the large tools and equipment used during construction projects and they also inspect the equipment for safety and performance issues.

Click here to see the rest of the list: 20 Jobs- No Degree, Nice Salary


Even Kanye Will Work for Free


Even though Kanye didn’t graduate from college, that hasn’t stopped him from getting the college experience.  After creating multiple successful albums, countless hours of touring, and producing for some of the biggest stars, Kanye West is taking time to work for free w/ The Gap Clothing Line.  He’s doing a summer internship w/ the Gap, w/ hopes of sharpening his skills for fashion design .  The Chicago Tribune reports ” He’s working side-by-side with pal designer and creative director Patrick Robinson, who was reportedly hired to spruce up the label.”  He’s already been successful at creating Air Yeezy’s w/ Nike and Louis Vutton casual shoes as well.  Maybe he’ll get a clothing line from this deal.

For those that don’t know, internships allow people to gain first-hand experiences w/ a given company, seeing what it’s like to actually work in the field of your dreams before it actually happens.  Many times college students work as interns over the summer to gain experience, background knowledge, and most importantly connections into the job fields they wish to engage in for the future.  They can be really great resources as sometimes interns get offered jobs before there summer is up.  Networking is key in any job field and internships can be essential toward future employment