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As William Clifton sat while his cousin pleaded guilty to a felony drug charge, he stretched out and yawned.  His sentence?  Six months in jail.  WOW I know right.  According to the Chicago Tribune, the maximum someone can be held in criminal contempt without a jury is 6 months.  The judge saw his gesture as total disrespect and an attempt to disrupt the court proceedings.  I’m no lawyer or anything like that but don’t we need room to lock-up real criminals in an already over-crowded jail system.  We have over 10,000 people locked up in Cook County jail and last I checked yawning wasn’t on the same level as murder, theft, kidnapping, drug dealing, etc.  Just last month, I remember Donte Stallworth being released from jail after serving a 30-day sentence for DUI manslaughter.  On the other hand, another man gets 6 months for yawning in the courtroom.  SMH

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Felons…Wave of the Future?!?!


Could this become the wave of the future?

Could hiring ex-felons be the answer to decreasing the crime rate here is Chicago? U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald seems to think so.  While reading the Chicago Sun times this morning I ran across a headline which read “Fitzgerald: Fight crime by hiring felons”.  I immediately was in shock and a tad bit confused but as I read the article and really thought about the issues, I became ecstatic at the idea.  I am a total proponent to this ideal.

Today alone, I read three articles involving teenage boys or girls being killed by gun violence.  This idea proposed by Fitzgerald could decrease gun violence dramatically if ex-felons and at-risk youth had a chance. Could you imagine ex-offenders leaving jail and actually having a legitimate chance to succeed in life instead of going back into an environment of drugs, and hopelessness?  What about imagining at-risk youth actually having something to do with their time, instead of hugging the blocks and getting into mischief in their neighborhoods?  I totally agree w/ Fitzgerald’s idea to decrease the crime/murder rate in Chicago by corporations hiring ex-offenders.

In doing so, ex-felons would actually have the opportunity to make something of themselves and provide for their families, instead of being restricted to minimum wage paying jobs that are scarce in the community.  This idea actually could rehabilitate, which is the goal of our prison system.  Also, allowing at-risk youth to gain working experience through internships would provide youth w/ structure, responsibility, not to mention quintessential tools necessary to succeed in the workplace.  At-risk youth in environments such as Englewood, North Lawndale, or Back of the Yards could actually gain desire to become business men and women because they would interact with these people daily.

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– Ron