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“Nearly a third of all students aged 12 – 18 reported having been bullied at school in 2007, some almost daily.”

That’s a statement I’ve heard plenty of times growing up from friends, peers and even sometimes students when I’m presenting our Stop The Bullying Workshop.  Thats not the reality though and many times we need that wake up call.  A few years ago, that wake up call was the shooting at Northern Illinois or Virginia Tech.  Who can forget the Columbine Massacre yrs ago though (when teens who were getting bullied took it upon themselves and brought guns into the school killing more than 12 students, some killed for no reason).  As of late, the scene and actions were all too familiar as a Massachusetts girl (15 yrs old) hung herself after months of bullying and harassment at school.  She was found dead by her younger sister.

This all began over a group of kids being displeased w/ the fact that Phoebe was dating a certain guy.  That caused a domino affect of verbal & physical abuse, and assault.  The plan was to humiliate Phoebe and it did work, but now 9 teenagers are charged w/ bullying charges and one promising young lady is dead.  Smarten up people!!!  Bullying just doesn’t impact the victim(s) and those bullying others.  Families, futures, and many other things are impacted as well.

Charges the group of teens are facing:

  1. Statutory rape charges (could result in penalties of up to life in prison. Since the legal age to consent w/ sex is 16 in Massachusetts)
  2. Violation-of-civil-rights charge (could result in 10 years in prison)
  3. Criminal harassment up to 2 1/2 years
  4. Conviction for disturbance of school assembly up to one month

All this due to students bullying others.  Let’s prevent news like this from making the headlines.  SmartenUp People




First it was the attention hungry couple Tareq and Michaele Salahi, who got into the Presidential Dinner without being on the guest list. Now a third person is said to have attended the dinner without being on the list.  This time, the univited guest didn’t get close to the President or the First Lady, according to the Secret Service.  The uninvited guest traveled from a hotel where Indian delegation was staying but didn’t pass through the pre-screening tests prior to the event, which means he should not have been permitted to attend.  However, he did go through metal detectors.  I wonder if this is a historic high for the amount of security breaches to occur for one President?  

Three uninvited guests were able to get through secret service checkpoints and could have caused bodily harm to the President if they wanted.  I know many questions are lingering through the Oval Office these days but after this incident, I think we all know the answer to one question. 

Should the 3 univited guest to the White House state dinner for India’s prime minister face criminal charges and/or jail time? 


How Much is Life Worth?


Over the weekend a Wisconsin restaurant manager and employee were robbed at gunpoint.  Today two suspects were captured for the robbery, that resulted in a manager being seriously wounded and the death of an 18-year old employee.  This is another example of senseless violence in our world.  For the record, the robbery landed Julian Miller, 28, and Daniel Gonzalez, 23 $14 but will ultimately cost the two of them there freedom. 

Going to school puts you in a position so that you won’t have to do these things just to make ends meat & survive.  Will we ever learn that robbing and killing people is not a solution to the financial trouble we face.  We gotta learn that in life you just can’t skate through, and many times take the easy way out! Now a life is gone and two additional lives are ruined all over $14.   Is life only worth $14 in today’s world?