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Have you ever made your information private b/c you didn’t want everyone on your facebook page? How about get the latest facebook app to see who’s been on your page in past months? Oh yeah, and there’s the whole name change so only true friends will be able to find you on the social networking site!

If so, it’s probably for good reason, especially if you are currently looking for a job, internship, or career.  A recent study by Microsoft found that 70 percent of recruiters and hiring managers in the United States have rejected an applicant based on information they found online. WOW  The survey also found that 79 percent of U.S. hiring managers have used the Internet to better assess applicants.

This means watch what you post, from wall postings and messages to pictures that you post of yourself or friends tag you in.  They can be the difference between a phone call for a future job and another job search w/ no call back.  One hiring manager even suggested that, “we would Google their name, look at LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter,” according to the CNN article.  Also don’t think once you’ve been hired, that its ok to upload inappropriate photos and/or comments b/c that too may cost you your job. 

Once you start working, not only do you represent your family but also your employer and that brand.  Think before you post!!!



LOL 12 Types of Facebookers….


CNN posted a cool article recently about the different type of Facebookers out there.  Thought I’d share it w/ you all and get your thoughts. 

The Let-Me-Tell-You-Every-Detail-of-My-Day Bore. This is the person who tells you about every step of their day & every move they make.  “I just woke up”. “I’m wearing blue and black today”. “I feel lonely”. “I’m walking to class”.  I mean they tell you everything.  Just because you have 432 Facebook friends doesn’t mean we all want to know when you’re waiting for the bus.

The Self-Promoter. OK, so we’ve probably all posted at least once about some achievement.  But when almost EVERY update is a link to your blog, your poetry reading, your 10k results or your art show, you sound like a bragger or very self-centered.

The TMIer. “Brad is heading to Walgreens to buy something for this achne.” Boundaries of privacy and decorum don’t seem to exist for these too-much-information updaters, who unabashedly offer up details about personal lives, relationship and bodily functions. Thanks for sharing.

The Bad Grammarian. “So sad about Fara Fauset but Im so gladd its friday yippe”. Yes, I know the punctuation rules are different in the digital world. And, no, no one likes a spelling-Nazi schoolmarm. But you sound like a moron.

The Sympathy-Baiter. “Barbara is feeling sad today.” “Man, am I glad that’s over.” “Jim could really use some good news about now.” Like anglers hunting for fish, these sad sacks cast out their hooks — baited with vague tales of woe — in the hopes of landing concerned responses. Genuine bad news is one thing, but these manipulative posts are just pleas for attention.

Click here to see the rest of the list


Biggest Fear


When I was a kid if you would have asked me what my biggest fear was I probably would have told you the Chuckie doll from the Child’s Play movies. Today CNN covered a story about the top 5 things that kids are afraid from ages 7-18 and for most kids across the country their fears are a lot more real. Things like being kidnapped, AIDS, and being threatened with a gun head the top of the list. This lets us know one of  two things, 1) either dolls aren’t as scary as they used to be or 2) young people of today are a lot more in tune about real world dangers. Let us know know what some of your biggest concerns are.

Read the CNN report here