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As William Clifton sat while his cousin pleaded guilty to a felony drug charge, he stretched out and yawned.  His sentence?  Six months in jail.  WOW I know right.  According to the Chicago Tribune, the maximum someone can be held in criminal contempt without a jury is 6 months.  The judge saw his gesture as total disrespect and an attempt to disrupt the court proceedings.  I’m no lawyer or anything like that but don’t we need room to lock-up real criminals in an already over-crowded jail system.  We have over 10,000 people locked up in Cook County jail and last I checked yawning wasn’t on the same level as murder, theft, kidnapping, drug dealing, etc.  Just last month, I remember Donte Stallworth being released from jail after serving a 30-day sentence for DUI manslaughter.  On the other hand, another man gets 6 months for yawning in the courtroom.  SMH

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Harvey center

Today, while looking at the Chicago Tribune, I ran across a great story on Restoration Memories.  Its a shelter/recovery program for men who are addicted to drugs and acohol.  It allows them to develop life skills and integrate back into society, without the hassles that life brings (relaspes, financial strains, etc).  Restoration Ministries offer “after-school programs and tutoring for children, chess clubs, boxing programs, a food pantry and thrift store. There are basketball programs, academic-enrichment programs and a residential program for women.” 

Occupants of Restoration Ministries are given free room & board. Also they are only required to pray, attend Bible Study and give back through volunteer work throughout the facility.

I personally like the idea of rehabilitation while serving the community through giving back.  I also like the idea that they don’t rush those that come to the recovery program but instead let them start over.  I think it serves as a great resource for Harvey & the surrounding suburbs.  I urge anyone who knows someone w/ a drug addicition to let Restoration Ministry in Harvey serve as a resource.  Let this be a lifelong lesson: Just b/c you have an addiction, doesn’t mean you can’t shake it.

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