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On March 22nd a guy named Franklin Page used Verizon’s  Samsung Omnia II to break the Guinness Book Of World Records for texting on a touch screen phone. In 35.54 seconds he texted   “The razor-toothed piranhas of the genera Serrasalmus and Pygocentrus are the most ferocious freshwater fish in the world. In reality they seldom attack a human,” (the official phrase made by Guinness).

The video shows the phone using revolutionary new software called Swype which allows the user to input text in one continuous motion across the screen much like a stylus. This technology allows you to enter text at over 40 words per minute so you will be able to text whole sentences before your friends can respond back with acronyms like LOL and TTYL.

Even though it has super fast potential I can’t imagine that learning how to text on this phone will be easy. I mean think how hard it was going from texting on a regular number pad to learning how to text with two thumbs on a full keyboard. Now you don’t even actually have to press the buttons? SMH 😦



Verizon’s DROID: Can DO What Ipod Can’t

Yesterday Verizon Wireless, which has the Nation’s largest cell phone coverage area released a new toy for grown ups called the DROID (as in Android). The marketing for this new product has almost entirely been based on comparing the DROID to the Ipod saying all the things it can do compared to what the Ipod can’t . Here are some of the cool things it can do.


-The DROID has a highly rated touch screen as well as a sliding QWERTY keyboard so you can have the best of both worlds.

-It has a 5 megapixle camera with image stabilization and an LED flash which allows you to take pics at night.

-The DROID is Bluetooth, Wifi, GPS, Web Browser, Email, eBook, Flash Player, and “cooler than everybody esle” ready.

– It comes with a 16GB micro SD card

– It has a an estimated 10-14 hour battery life

But with all these features the DROID like everything is still has several flaws and might not live up to the hype. Read here to find out why


5 Tips For Parents w/ College Freshmen…

1. Don’t be the problem solver

One of the biggest things my parents had to do when I went away to college was allow me to figure things out for myself instead of them always coming to my rescue.  This meant I had to figure out my class schedule, prioritize my time effectively, figure out my class route (b/c U of I has a huge campus), and most of all determine what I wanted to do in life without chasing money and the wishes of my parents.

2. Encourage familiarization

 “There are usually lists of other students who are in their class. Try to get a sense of who’s going to be there. If they have questions about the university, parents can help them find out who to contact. But encourage incoming freshmen to make those contacts themselves.”  Using my course and school websites were crucial to my academic success.  Through these sites I was able to keep up w/ assignments as well as make new friends based on who were in my classes with me.

3. Don’t over-communicate

“We live in such an electronic, cell-phone, text-messaging culture that I see a lot of students who are in touch almost every day with their parents,” says Paul Chelsen, vice president for student development at Wheaton College. “I think regular communication is important, obviously, but there can be so much communication with friends and family on Facebook back home that it can derail the social integration that can happen when a student goes away to college.”

Chicago SunTimes