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For Every Action, There’s a Reaction


Ever remember going to the doctor and getting your reflexes checked? You know…when the doctor would tell you to relax, as he/she used their reflex hammer and hit your knee.  Then your knee would automatically jump or buckle!!!

Well that’s what’s happened in the latest update in the Ben Roethlisberger saga.  NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has suspended Big Ben for 6 games in this upcoming season, for what he calls  “conduct detrimental to the NFL” and saying it was “the best step for your personal and professional welfare.”  For those that don’t know, Big Ben was facing allegations of sexual assault after supposedly forcing his way onto a young lady at a local bar.  Some stated that his security guards did nothing after friends tried to pull the young lady away from being 1-on1 w/ Roethlisberger. 

Although he wasn’t charged w/ anything in the courts, this is the second time that these type of allegations have come about w/ his name in the mix.  NO MEANS NO. Let this be a lesson though, for every action, there’s a reaction.



When Will Professional Athletes Ever Learn?!?

Thats the question I ask myself everytime I hear about an athlete (male or female) getting caught up in legal troubles.  The latest athlete to do so is no other than Big Ben Roethlisburger.  He’s the Steelers leader, their quarterback, Superbowl MVP, and the latest athlete to get caught up w/ a sex scandal.  Here’s the kicker: It’s the second time he’s faced these accusations. 

According to reports, Ben and friends were partying at a local bar.  A 21-year old woman claims that the Steelers QB sexually assualted her while the two were at the club or later that night.  While the details are sketchy and no former charges have been brought up, I have to ask the question when will these athletes learn?  After the first incident, you would think Big Ben wouldn’t place himself in situations such as these…You would think he’d make better judgements, but I guess a little alcohol and a good party can blur anyone’s vision (MESSAGE).  Atheletes have to be smarter, make better choices so they aren’t in situations where their character and actions are on trial.


This was the scene after Ben Roethlisberger got into a horrific motorcylce accident...

This was the scene after Ben Roethlisberger got into a horrific motorcylce accident...

Remember the picture above after Ben Roethlisberger got into his motorcycle accident & didnt wear a helmet?  Well we are still seeing these images today & to bad for us the results are more tragic.  According to the Chicago Sun-Times, motorcycle crashes have continually increased over the last two years.  Some blame it on the fact that motorcycles can get 75-80 miles per gallon & since its a recession, they are the cheaper way to travel.  Others blame it on the fact that many cycle motorists are inexperienced and are always in & out of traffic lanes, which is certain to cause crashes.  Either way, we should all practice safe driving techniques and be aware of who’s around us at all times while.  Also do your research when thinking about investing in a motorcycle w/ the good and bad.  Chances are the results can detour you altogether. Here are the numbers:


County 2006 crashes 2007 crashes 2008 crashes
Cook 1,309 1,592 1,654
DuPage 225 260 245
Kane 132 164 153
Kendall 40 37 33
Lake 185 207 213
McHenry 100 121 135
Will 189 227 230
Totals 2,180 2,608 2,663
Source: Illinois Department of Transportation