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Anybody who watches late night television or has been keeping up w/ the the Blagoevich Saga probably cam across Blagoevich on Letterman last night.  For those that didn’t know, Blagoevich (aka “Blago”) is the former Illinois Senator who was ousted after being charged w/ trying to sell the Senate Seat held by now President Barack Obama.  Since being arrested, he’s been on a media circus blitz and is scheduled to appear on Donald’s Trump “Apprentice” show soon.  Here’s Blago introducing the Top Ten on Letterman.




If you’re shocked after reading that headline, don’t worry you’re not the only one.  When I first read about Blagoevich’s latest media rant, I was shocked but in the end thought, “is there anything this man will not do.”  For those that don’t know Rod Blagojevich was the former governor for Chicago, IL until Barack Obama won the Presidential election and left his seat as U.S. Senator.  Blagojevich being the smart man that he is (sense the sarcasm) decided to sale the Senate seat to the highest bidder, all while being investigated and taped by the FEDS. Talk about one smart cookie LOL.

When he was in and out of court and under heavy media scrutiny, instead of keeping a low profile he tried to convince a judge to let him take part on a reality tv show in Costa Rica.  Next he went on a whirlwind of tv appearances such as The View, Good Morning America, and radio shows.  But his latest actions take the cake.  In his latest stint in the media, the former governor told Esquire Magazine that “he’s blacker than Barack Obama”.  He goes on to say that “he grew up in a 5-bedroom, shined-shoes, & his father had a laundromat in a black neighborhood.”  WOW  Since when does hardship & struggle define you as being black?  Not just that, but Blagojevich is an older Caucasian male, & no matter what he’s been through, he is still a Caucasian.

So weigh in folks….Does hardships and struggle growing up define your blackness?


I ran across this today and couldn’t stop laughing at this video of Obama dancing like Michael Jakson.  For the record, this is an impersonator dancing at the Comic Con.