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Cure For AIDS?


A new study in Thailand suggest that a vaccine for HIV may be coming. The study that included over 16,000 volunteers concluded that the combination of vaccines “ALVAC” and “AIDSVAX” reduced the risk of being infected with HIV by 31%. It is the first time that any experimental vaccine has been shown to prevent the virus. Scientist worldwide are calling the event a historic achievement but caution that the vacine has only been tested on strands of the virus found in Thailand and may not be generalized to work for strands in the U.S. or Africa. The vacine also did not cure those who had already been infected but only prevented some from becoming infected.

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Biggest Fear


When I was a kid if you would have asked me what my biggest fear was I probably would have told you the Chuckie doll from the Child’s Play movies. Today CNN covered a story about the top 5 things that kids are afraid from ages 7-18 and for most kids across the country their fears are a lot more real. Things like being kidnapped, AIDS, and being threatened with a gun head the top of the list. This lets us know one of  two things, 1) either dolls aren’t as scary as they used to be or 2) young people of today are a lot more in tune about real world dangers. Let us know know what some of your biggest concerns are.

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