Real Talk is an easy to use archive of current news, entertainment, and resources for everyone. The blog is separated into 4 main sections. Post, Pages, Categories, and Comments.

Post: Each post appears on the right side of the page in chronological order by the date and time they were posted. When a new post is made the previous one drops down a slot. After 8 post are put on the main page the older post go to the archive. To find older post you can either scroll down to the bottom and click “older entries” or find them by category. To read a specific post click on its title and it will zoom in to just that entry.

Pages : The left column shows a list of pages like this one. Each page has a specific topic or sub-topic on information about the blog or our department. Check for new pages to stay up to date with Real Talk.

Categories : The categories tell the theme of each post. Post are placed into categories such as Entertainment according to what the subject is. To find all the post on a specific topic click on Categories.

Comments : To make a comment or read comments of others simply click the “Leave Comment” tab under the title of each post. Leaving comments requires you to give your email and a user name which does not have to be your real name. Each comment is reviewed before being posted. You will not receive any emails from Real Talk.

Main Page

To get back to the main page from anywhere on the blog just click the “Real Talk” Logo on the top left side of the page. It will always bring you back to where you began.