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Magneto of X Men

Sound like something you might say one day? Me either but a story on yesterday suggest that in as little as a year many devices needing chargers like laptops, and cell phones maybe getting rid of them for wireless electricity. A company called WiTricity is leading this potential new market and so far has been able to charge light bulbs wireless from distant power sockets.

The way it works is by converting power through a magnetic field and sending it airborne at a certain frequency like a radio. This type of technology may rid the world of power cords and batteries. The company also claims that this could increase the attractiveness of buying Electric cars since instead of plugging them up to charge them you could do it remotely. Read the full story here


First cloned pet Little Nicky 2004

First cloned pet Little Nicky 2004

I’m pretty sure most people aren’t aware of this but 5 years ago a company called Genetic Savings and Clone sold a woman a clone of her dead¬† cat Nicky for $50,000. That’s right you can officially clone your pets if you can afford it. Just need a little DNA sample like left over hair, an egg donor, and enough money to shoot a a half dozen music videos and wala’, favorite pet Part 2.

However let’s not get it twisted. Unlike the movies cloning in real life is more complicated than putting someone or something in a machine and then an identical version pops out the other end. In real life clones have to be born all over again and the new baby grows up more like a twin than a replica. It will have a different personality, different experiences, and maybe different behaviors because it wont be the same animal. It will just look like it.

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Bionice Contacts could have some of the same features as the Terminator eye

Bionic Contacts could have some of the same features as the Terminator eye

Ok so maybe you won’t be able to lock onto targets and destroy them but researchers from the University of Washington reveled last January that they have been developing bionic contacts that have features reminiscent of the movies. The photo above shows the eye of a rabbit used in testing of a lenses that would fit like a regular contact on a human. With microscopic wiring due to nanotechnology (I’ll explain later)¬† not only could they improve vision by being able to do things like zoom in, but also could potentially impose images on the eye (being able to see images on top of things you could can already see) to give driving directions, instructions, or other visuals.


Although still a ways from being in production the possibilities of the lenses if they work could be endless. Medical information of the recipient could be displayed to show things like heart rate and pulse while exercising. Browsing the Internet could be done with your eyes closed, and watching movies on them would make HD TV look like old school Nintendo.

Nano Technology

Alright so if you have never heard of this try and follow me: Nano technology is building really simple microscopic robots that are programed to create other small robots, link together and make something, like little Lego blocks that build themselves. So basically this means you can make things smaller than ever before and program them to make things that would be very difficult to create by hand. Sounds crazy but I promise its real. Check out the movie G.I. Joe for a Hollywood version of how it works.

terminator eyes

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