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On March 22nd a guy named Franklin Page used Verizon’s  Samsung Omnia II to break the Guinness Book Of World Records for texting on a touch screen phone. In 35.54 seconds he texted   “The razor-toothed piranhas of the genera Serrasalmus and Pygocentrus are the most ferocious freshwater fish in the world. In reality they seldom attack a human,” (the official phrase made by Guinness).

The video shows the phone using revolutionary new software called Swype which allows the user to input text in one continuous motion across the screen much like a stylus. This technology allows you to enter text at over 40 words per minute so you will be able to text whole sentences before your friends can respond back with acronyms like LOL and TTYL.

Even though it has super fast potential I can’t imagine that learning how to text on this phone will be easy. I mean think how hard it was going from texting on a regular number pad to learning how to text with two thumbs on a full keyboard. Now you don’t even actually have to press the buttons? SMH 😦



That’s right, it’s back.  The game made famous for catch phrases like “Boomshakalaka” and “He’s On Fire” is set to hit stores in December but this time it’s updated and for Nintendo Wii.  NBA Jam first hit the scene back in 1993, I know some of our readers were just born around this time but for those that can remember it took alot of our quarters, and time on a daily basis at the arcade.

It didn’t have the most fancy graphics and details, no real life attributes.  Just a simple game, w/ simple functions.  I personally remember when this game was on Sega Genesis (yeah old I know) & I used to play it for countless hours on weekends and after school.  Chosing my favorite 2-man squad and running up and down the court while doing exaggerated high-flying dunks, getting the fire-ball, or being able to do any dunk in the world b/c my gym shoes were highlighted.  Who can forget when a player would protect the ball by throwing elbows or the emphatic thud a gamer would here b/c an opponent just fell to ground. 

Back in 1993, the twosome on the court for the Bulls were Scottie Pippen and Horace Grant.  With this new game, the choices are between Derrick Rose, Loul Deng, Joakim Noah, John Salmons, or Kirk Hinrich and it’ll be three player teams.  Which 3 should be selected for the game?

Ahh, the memories.  I may have to invest in an Nintendo Wii pretty soon b/c this game is a classic.  It represents to my generation, what Pac-Man represented to the generation before me.


Super Man High

This Monday the company Virgin Atlantic unveiled the world’s first commercial space craft that can take well paying customers on a tour into outer space for a humble price of only $200,000. Named SpaceShip Two, this billion dollar project is an update of the original SpaceShip One ,that earned designer Burt Rutan a $10 million dollar prize and title of first privately manned craft to go into space.

The company plans to start sending up amateur astronauts within the next 3 years. The trip will be preceded by 3 days of training and would take about 2 1/5 hours. During the trip passengers would experience about 5 minutes of weightlessness. Supposedly the waiting list is already 300 people deep. So if you want something new to brag on one day start saving, sell your house, and go to space…everyone’s gonna be doing it (or not).


Verizon’s DROID: Can DO What Ipod Can’t

Yesterday Verizon Wireless, which has the Nation’s largest cell phone coverage area released a new toy for grown ups called the DROID (as in Android). The marketing for this new product has almost entirely been based on comparing the DROID to the Ipod saying all the things it can do compared to what the Ipod can’t . Here are some of the cool things it can do.


-The DROID has a highly rated touch screen as well as a sliding QWERTY keyboard so you can have the best of both worlds.

-It has a 5 megapixle camera with image stabilization and an LED flash which allows you to take pics at night.

-The DROID is Bluetooth, Wifi, GPS, Web Browser, Email, eBook, Flash Player, and “cooler than everybody esle” ready.

– It comes with a 16GB micro SD card

– It has a an estimated 10-14 hour battery life

But with all these features the DROID like everything is still has several flaws and might not live up to the hype. Read here to find out why


Move over Skype…Facebook adds Voice Chat


That’s right, in the near future Facebook will add Voice Chat to the cool list of things its capable of doing.  Well, it’s not gonna be offered through Facebook but through Vivox (for Facebook) and all users have to do is download their plug-in.  After that, you can voice chat w/ anyone on your friend’s list!!! Even people who aren’t on Facebook will be able to use it.  I think this will take away from Skype’s local fans.  That’s pretty cool, then again what can’t Facebook do?!?



Iphones can drive cars too?!?


Is there anything the Iphone can’t do?  They can give you directions, serve as a dictionary, internet access, show sports highlights, become your personal camera, oh yeah and serve as your cell phone.  Now, a Berlin University student has rigged a minivan called “The Spirit of Berlin”, so that signals are sent through wi-fi from his personal Iphone.  What does this mean?!? He can now drive his minivan w/ his Iphone.  He calls the app IDriver and its an iPhone application to remote control a car.  Don’t expect this app to be available anytime soon tho! Check it out and weigh in under our comments sections…




This month PepsiCo released a new Iphone app called “AMP Up Before You Score” to promote their new energy drink.  The Iphone app tries to help men “score” (pick up the ladies) with 24 stereotypical kinds of women, such as “sorority girl,” “cougar,” “punk girl” and “treehugger.” The app then allows men to broadcast their conquests to all of their friends.  Many people disagree w/ the latest Iphone app saying its a clear way to further promote exploitation of women in society.  PepsiCo has issued an apology via Twitter but some dont think the apology is enough.  I want your thoughts on the latest Iphone app and PepsiCo…Is the Twitter apology enough?  Weigh in, in our comments section…

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3-D > HD TV


On Friday CNN posted an article describing how Sony and Panasonic are leading the television revolution towards 3-D. Reports say as early as next year you may be able to watch 3-D movies right in your own home. Thinking of how it could bring movies, video games, and even your favorite sports to life is an exciting concept but it wont be easy to make popular.

For one, most people wont want to be sitting in their living room with those goofy paper 3-D glasses on that never fit quite right watching Monday night football. The other problem is in order for 3-D television to be possible ,it would require another major change in broadcasting. That would probably in turn make more expensive rates for 3-D cable, as well as new more expensive TV sets just like we saw with HD TV. But hope is not lost and if this works who knows, maybe NBA Live 2014 will make a Derrick Rose crossover look and feel like it actually happened to you.