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Well, the new House of Hoops is opening up and word is that Carlos Boozer and Taj Gibson are scheduled to be in attendance.  If you would like to get a picture w/ a new Chicago Bulls player and 2nd year player Taj Gibson, tomorrow is your big chance.  So bring your cameras and Bulls things that you would like to be signed if you plan on heading down to the House of Hoops.



For Every Action, There’s a Reaction


Ever remember going to the doctor and getting your reflexes checked? You know…when the doctor would tell you to relax, as he/she used their reflex hammer and hit your knee.  Then your knee would automatically jump or buckle!!!

Well that’s what’s happened in the latest update in the Ben Roethlisberger saga.  NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has suspended Big Ben for 6 games in this upcoming season, for what he calls  “conduct detrimental to the NFL” and saying it was “the best step for your personal and professional welfare.”  For those that don’t know, Big Ben was facing allegations of sexual assault after supposedly forcing his way onto a young lady at a local bar.  Some stated that his security guards did nothing after friends tried to pull the young lady away from being 1-on1 w/ Roethlisberger. 

Although he wasn’t charged w/ anything in the courts, this is the second time that these type of allegations have come about w/ his name in the mix.  NO MEANS NO. Let this be a lesson though, for every action, there’s a reaction.


It’s that time of year again, that’s right baseball season.  It’s time for interleague rivalries: Sox v Cubs, Yankees v Mets, Angels v Dodgers, Baltimore v Washington and the list goes on and on.  And who better to throw the first pitch at the 1st Nationals Game of 2010 than President Obama.

Also both the White Sox (the best Chicago team) & the Chicago Cubs were on the display.  I’m excited about how the Sox will put things together this season b/c they have a great pitching staff & I look for Alex Rios to bounce back after last yr’s effort.  They beat the Indians 6-0 in a route w/ Buehrle at the mound.  Sorry Cubs fans though, same ole story. Another day, another disappointing loss.  Zambrano was pulled early and the Cubbies lost 16-5 in their opener.


The “Feel Good Story” Comes to an End…

"It's not a game that anybody lost," Krzyzewski said. "Both teams are such winners."

Well the NCAA tournament is over and the fairytale ending didn’t go as planned for many fans and media outlets.  Had the Butler Bulldogs pulled off the unthinkable and beat a #1 seed, the Lucas Oil Stadium would still be rockin’ w/ cheers and jubilation.  But that all came to an end after Gordon Hayward’s shot rimmed off after taking an excellent backboard bounce.  I have to admit, I was on the edge of my seat once that shot went in the air. 

You see, Butler was the underdog riding a 25 game win streak.  Let’s go down the underdog checklist: Smaller school (check)…No big name players (check)…No one knows where the school’s located (check)…Upsetting big time college foes (check). All the qualities for a feel good sports story right???

Yeah except one thing, they couldn’t win the big one.  All in all, it was a great game as neither team led by no more than 6 points.  In the end, Duke’s size and experience lead them to a NCAA Championship…Congrats Coach K and to all the Blue Devils! 

Final score: 61-59


Real Talk: Weekend Sports Wrap Up

Kobe signed his extension with the Lakers worth reportedly $90 million

It’s been an exciting weekend for anyone who loves sports.  U had Butler and Duke both advance in the NCAA tournament and will go head to head tonight, to see who will be the 2010 NCAA Champs!!! Drop a comment and let us know who will win tonight?

Also, there was a big shake up in the NFL this weekend and future Hall of Famer Donovan McNabb now has a new home, but didn’t go too far.  He’ll stay in the NFC East division but will start the 2010-2011 season as a Washington Redskin.  Redskin fans have to be jumping w/ joy after the moves they’ve pulled off so far.

In NBA news Gilbert Arenas managed to dodge a jail stint for bringing loaded guns into the Washington Wizards locker room.  The judge instead ordered him into a halfway house.  Smarten Up people!!!  But he will go to jail for two days for medical screening & classification.  Also, the department wants him “to see a jail and understand what they have avoided,” according to ESPN .

And as if he already didn’t have enough to smile about, Kobe Bryant signed his extension w/ the Los Angeles Lakers worth reportedly $90 million over 3 yrs.  WOW, gotta love the NBA!!!


That’s right, it’s back.  The game made famous for catch phrases like “Boomshakalaka” and “He’s On Fire” is set to hit stores in December but this time it’s updated and for Nintendo Wii.  NBA Jam first hit the scene back in 1993, I know some of our readers were just born around this time but for those that can remember it took alot of our quarters, and time on a daily basis at the arcade.

It didn’t have the most fancy graphics and details, no real life attributes.  Just a simple game, w/ simple functions.  I personally remember when this game was on Sega Genesis (yeah old I know) & I used to play it for countless hours on weekends and after school.  Chosing my favorite 2-man squad and running up and down the court while doing exaggerated high-flying dunks, getting the fire-ball, or being able to do any dunk in the world b/c my gym shoes were highlighted.  Who can forget when a player would protect the ball by throwing elbows or the emphatic thud a gamer would here b/c an opponent just fell to ground. 

Back in 1993, the twosome on the court for the Bulls were Scottie Pippen and Horace Grant.  With this new game, the choices are between Derrick Rose, Loul Deng, Joakim Noah, John Salmons, or Kirk Hinrich and it’ll be three player teams.  Which 3 should be selected for the game?

Ahh, the memories.  I may have to invest in an Nintendo Wii pretty soon b/c this game is a classic.  It represents to my generation, what Pac-Man represented to the generation before me.


OMG…Are you kidding Me

That’s what I said, when I first saw this highlight from last night’s NBA action.  It’s Denver Nuggets player J.R. Smith throwing down the slam.  Just had to throw it on the blog as soon as I could.  Enjoy…


When Will Professional Athletes Ever Learn?!?

Thats the question I ask myself everytime I hear about an athlete (male or female) getting caught up in legal troubles.  The latest athlete to do so is no other than Big Ben Roethlisburger.  He’s the Steelers leader, their quarterback, Superbowl MVP, and the latest athlete to get caught up w/ a sex scandal.  Here’s the kicker: It’s the second time he’s faced these accusations. 

According to reports, Ben and friends were partying at a local bar.  A 21-year old woman claims that the Steelers QB sexually assualted her while the two were at the club or later that night.  While the details are sketchy and no former charges have been brought up, I have to ask the question when will these athletes learn?  After the first incident, you would think Big Ben wouldn’t place himself in situations such as these…You would think he’d make better judgements, but I guess a little alcohol and a good party can blur anyone’s vision (MESSAGE).  Atheletes have to be smarter, make better choices so they aren’t in situations where their character and actions are on trial.