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Police superintendent Jody Weis has recently caught flack for meeting w/ refuted Westside gang leaders in an attempt to reduce the violence on the streets.  The move, or threat as some view it is part of Chicago’s Gang Violence Reduction Initiative.  During the meeting, Weis warned gang leaders like Labar “Bro Man” Spann, an alleged Four Corner Hustlers leader and Jettie “Bo Diddley” Williams, the 50-year-old reputed leader of the Traveling Vice Lords to stop the killings or life for them would become miserable.

To carry out his threat, Weis told the gang leaders to remember the word RICO, and how homes, cars and other assets would be seized while conspiracy cases were brought upon gang leaders.  Many of the gang leaders in attendance said there’s no way I can be held responsible for what someone else does, and even hinted at the fact that they can’t control the young gang members.  After keeping up w/ this story, it’s interesting that gang leaders have really shown their true colors as being powerless (food for thought).

So is group responsibility a good way to quell the violence amongst rival gang members, senseless crimes, and other horrible behavior?

Should gang leaders be held responsible for the actions of the members below them & could this method work?

Share your thoughts…



Many times adults and youth feel as though local government doesn’t provide enough or equal opportunity of resources in certain communities versus others.  I definitely see the disparity but I can’t place all the blame on one group (ex. government).  Now is the time for us to step up.  With that said, we have to fill out our U.S. Census 2010 Packets.  It’s only used as a counter for people in the area and nothing more.

Benefits to filling out Census Info:

  • The govn’t has 400 billion dollars to spend and alot of it goes
  • Your community receives funding to help improve your schools
  • Resources for hospitals
  • Provides job training programs in your community
  • Can enhance public transportation
  • Less money may be needed for sales taxes if we get money from federal govn’t.

Have your parents filled out their census forms?


After long hours and much debate, President Obama has been able to provide healthcare working families can afford

I couldn’t believe when I heard that the healthcare legislation was passed but still needed revision last night.  Do you know what this means?  Well, essentially everyone will now have affordable healthcare within the next decade.  Ever wanted to go to the doctor but couldn’t because mommy or daddy didn’t have any insurance.  Well the times are getting ready to change.

This is a big step for President Obama.  Key things this bill will do:

  • If you suffer from a chronic illness, healthcare employers will no longer be able to put a cap on the amount they will cover.
  • Money will be put aside for people currently without coverage but w/ medical conditions already
  • Recent graduates and young adults will no longer be without insurance as the age will be raised from 18 to now 26 yrs old
  • Drug discounts for senior citizens will be provided.


New Cook County Board President On The Way

In last night’s Primary Election Alderman Toni Preckwinkle secured the Democratic nomination by having more than twice the votes of her competitors in a definitive victory. In the process she has ensured that current County Board President Todd Stroger will be replaced by either herself or her opponents, Republican Roger Keats or Green Party candidate Tom Tresser. Despite a low voter turnout Preckwinkle described her victory as a symbol of change from the controversial tax plan and hiring practices of Stroger who hired family members and friends into office.

Stroger finished last in the race with only 13 percent of votes making it one of the lowest turnouts in history for an incumbent President. Preckwinkle on the other hand took 49 percent of the votes on Tuesday and hopes to take her momentum into November with hopes of becoming the first African-American female Board President. Results are still pending for the Illinois race for Governor between Pat Quinn and Dan Hynes. With both candidates gaining almost 50% of the votes, Quinn is ahead by several thousand votes.