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Well, the new House of Hoops is opening up and word is that Carlos Boozer and Taj Gibson are scheduled to be in attendance.  If you would like to get a picture w/ a new Chicago Bulls player and 2nd year player Taj Gibson, tomorrow is your big chance.  So bring your cameras and Bulls things that you would like to be signed if you plan on heading down to the House of Hoops.



Everyone Doesn’t Get a Second Chance

Kanye West made an album called "The Graduation"


Today is graduation day for students who have completed the Cook County Sheriff Day Reporting Center Program.  I couldn’t be more happy for the students who are graduating today.  I’ve been there mentor for a couple of months and within that time frame, have seen these guys at low points in their lives and some at high points.  They’ve had to overcome some tough obstacles, but no obstacle bigger than themselves.  The guys at this program for the most part were raised by the streets and acted accordingly.  This caused them to go through the judicial system, some multiple times and ultimately drop out of school.  For these guys though, they’ve received a second chance.  They were able to complete the school portion of the DRC program and have now received their highschool diploma. 

Coming into the program, the students are pretty young and very immature.  They’d practically kick n scream everyday b/c they wouldn’t want to wake up for the program; because they didn’t want to be apart of the morning meetings; because anyone who tries to help them was considered the enemy; or practically feel that no one or nothing can help them.  Then came the cross roads: It’s either school or jail.  Students had to overcome their street mentality and ways, let go of their pride, and realize that they have to complete this program in order to compete for jobs, trainings, and acceptance into college.  


All in all, in the end I hope the guys who have completed the program understand that not everyone gets a second chance in life.  You may have made one mistake but learn from it and don’t fall into the same trap as before.  The ball is now in your court. 


2010 BET Awards Recap: The Comeback?!?

The 2010 BET Awards aired on Sunday night, and while I’ll say I wasnt that much impressed, a few performances did leave a lasting impression.  It was good to see Kanye West finally back in the spotlight, after the whole Taylor Swift fiasco.  His performance though was pretty dull and boring, kind of like watching wet paint dry.  Alicia Keys was probably one of my favorite performers of the night, as her tribute to Prince was amazing.  How many pregnant women do you know, who can climb atop a piano and still perform at a high level.  Other notable performances included El DeBarge (who went through his old hits and some new music), Drake (new artist sensation who performed “Over”), Ludacris, and Dirty Money (who had the most smoke I’ve ever witnessed during a performance).

The performance that left a lasting impression though was Chris Brown’s tribute to MJ.  It served as a transformation period for the young star, and left many wanting more.  It was almost eery to watch him imitate MJ’s every dance move, including the moonwalk.  He seemed effortless and back in his element (as a performer on the big stage).  When he had the chance to woo the audience even more, he began to breakdown and cry.  Perhaps due to the fact of how he idolized MJ, or maybe b/c he felt sorry for all his mishaps.  Whatever it was, he sure made a lasting impression on everyone who witnessed his performance (some good, some bad).  Maybe, he’ll be able to make a comeback after all.


Hands Together, Heart To Art Camp

This July, the Auditorium Theater of Roosevelt University will be hosting its award-winning summer camp Hands Together, Heart To Art for children ages 7-14. This camp is designed for children who have lost a parent to death. The camp runs in 2 session July 5-16 (ages 7-11) and July 19-30 (ages 10-14) from the hours of 9am-4pm with optional 1 hour pre and post camp child care.

This unique camp uses the arts of theater, music, and dance to help children process and cope with their loss. It also gives them an opportunity to build a support group of peers who have been through the same experience. Campers will participate in singing, dance, drama, music, and group activities involving art to assist in the grieving process . The cost for this camp is just $50 per child. Applications can be downloaded from

Families with multiple children or extreme need can apply for financial assistance through the HTHTA. Scholarship deadline is June 28.


Six Flags Great America (in Gurnee, IL) is looking to fill over 1,000 jobs.  They will be having a job fair from 12 pm-8 pm, and all kinds of jobs will be available.

Job Fair Information

Six Flags Great America Job Fair
Tuesday, April 6 12-8 p.m.
542 N. Route 21 Gurnee, IL 60031 (Employee Entrance)

More Info:

  • Currently there are 1,000 positions still available for 2010 season
  • Looking for candidates in Food Services, Aquatics, Games, Rides, Attractions, Cash Control, First Aid EMTs &   Entertainment (Dancers & Actors)
  • (Food Services has a need for Bartenders and always looking for people with Management experience)
  • Available positions include part-time and full-time seasonal work
  • Season runs from Opening Day, April 24-October 31 (6 month long positions)
  • Six Flags Great America hires candidates 15 years or older
  • To date we have received over 10,000 applications (last year at this time we received roughly 7,000)
  • During this economy we have seen an increase in applicants 18+ and second wage earners
  • Pay range on average the pay ranges from $8.00-$10.00 an hour
  • Perks on top of free admission to the park, seasonal employees are eligible to receive medical benefits. We offer scholarships to our student employees (roughly 20 given out last year). We also offer flexible scheduling for students, teachers, parents and second wage earners.
  • Returning team members are offered positions first. Each season more than 1200 people return to Six Flags for seasonal employment. Many of those returning move up into Lead, Supervisor and Management positions. Almost half of our approximately 200 full-time staff started as a seasonal employee.
  • Applicants are encouraged to complete their online application at prior to the hiring event. If approved, a Six Flags representative will call you to schedule an interview. This system allows us to schedule individual interviews and get applicants out in 90 minutes or less, eliminating long lines.


Holiday Healing

On the eve of April Fools,  the Cook County Sheriff Department provided in a way that was from a practical joke. In the empoverished and under-privilaged South Suburban town of Ford Heights, we handed out close to 1,000 turkeys to local residents. Local news stations of WGN, ABC, and CBS came to take footage of the event as well as to interview residents and Sheriff Tom Dart.

Between 10am and 2pm, people from all over the south suburban area of all ages came in appreciation to receive what will most likely become a part of Sunday’s Easter Dinner. Approximately 30 Sheriff Department personnel attended the event and about just as many S.W.A.P. workers were there as a part of their service. Many of the SWAP workers expressed to Ron and I how they felt good being able to give back and be a part of something that was positive.

They helped us unload the truck filled with pallets of boxes. break down boxes, and even helped the elderly carry their bags to their cars. It wasn’t because they had to, but genuinely because they felt good about it. Some 40 deliveries were made by officers to elderly who weren’t able to come and another 200 or so were donated to local churches and organizations. People of all ages came out. It had the feeling of a cook out in the warm weather. We will be back in Ford Heights this summer to do our annual P.A.C.T. camp with youth from the town. Its all about giving back and helping each other and the best way to do that is to share the blessings that we have.



Jay-z and Alicia Keys are set to hit the stage and perform “Empire State of Mind” for the World Series Game 2 as the New York Yankees host the Phillies.  This track off Jay’s platinum selling Blueprint 3 album serves as the theme song for every New Yorker and what’s better than a live performance from the hometown artists themselves.

Hopefully, Lil Mama isnt around or this time Jay-z and Alicia Keys will need extra security!! lol



The documentary of the late great Michael Jackson called “This is It” is set to shatter box-office records.  It comes out today (Wednesday) and so far, ticket pre-sales are at an all-time high!! Also don’t forget the movie will only run in theaters for 2 weeks, so if you don’t have your tickets already I suggest you run to the theater before it’s too late.  The movie captures Jackson at rehearsal and back stage footage as he planned to embark on tour overseas.

Do you plan to go to the show and see “This Is It”!?! Weigh in under the comments section