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2010 BET Awards Recap: The Comeback?!?

The 2010 BET Awards aired on Sunday night, and while I’ll say I wasnt that much impressed, a few performances did leave a lasting impression.  It was good to see Kanye West finally back in the spotlight, after the whole Taylor Swift fiasco.  His performance though was pretty dull and boring, kind of like watching wet paint dry.  Alicia Keys was probably one of my favorite performers of the night, as her tribute to Prince was amazing.  How many pregnant women do you know, who can climb atop a piano and still perform at a high level.  Other notable performances included El DeBarge (who went through his old hits and some new music), Drake (new artist sensation who performed “Over”), Ludacris, and Dirty Money (who had the most smoke I’ve ever witnessed during a performance).

The performance that left a lasting impression though was Chris Brown’s tribute to MJ.  It served as a transformation period for the young star, and left many wanting more.  It was almost eery to watch him imitate MJ’s every dance move, including the moonwalk.  He seemed effortless and back in his element (as a performer on the big stage).  When he had the chance to woo the audience even more, he began to breakdown and cry.  Perhaps due to the fact of how he idolized MJ, or maybe b/c he felt sorry for all his mishaps.  Whatever it was, he sure made a lasting impression on everyone who witnessed his performance (some good, some bad).  Maybe, he’ll be able to make a comeback after all.



Rihanna is the “Last Girl on Earth”

Rihanna is hitting the road for the “Last Girl on Earth” North American tour and it features Nicki Minaj and pop singer Kesha.  They’ll be in Chicago at the United Center on August 25th.

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Does Blue and Green Go Good Together

I bet Kate Perry didn’t see this one coming.  The popular singer presented the award for “Favorite Movie Actress” last night, at the Kids Choice Awards 2010 on Nickelodeon.  The winner was Miley Cyrus but the real winner, if you’re a fan of green slim like so many kids are, was none other Kate Perry!


Well it looks like everyone has their own tv show and I do mean everyone.  The latest notable figure to step into the television lane is none other than Miss Alaska, Sarah Palin.  According to a report from PEOPLE Magazine, Sarah Palin has inked a deal w/ the Discovery Channel worth 1 million dollars per episode.  The show will be called “Sarah Palin Alaska” and will focus on interesting traditions, characters, and things to do in Alaska.

Wow, she goes from Alaskan governor, to Alaskan television star.  The checks don’t stop coming in for her lol


She’s known for dressing provocatively and strange during award shows and sometimes the things that may come out of her mouth are even more crazy.  But it’s all for entertainment, as the old saying goes.  And that media trick for the attention of fans and paparazzi has paid off big-time.  She’s a household name and her hits are chart toppers each time around.  She’s recently made headlines not because of her weird style of dress, but because she’s the first franchise to reach one billion views online. 

Her music videos hold three spots in the 65-video 100 Million Club – one for “Poker Face” (374,606,128), one for “Just Dance” (272,941,674) and one for “Bad Romance” (360,020,327). Add them up and you get just over one billion views.

WOW, incredible star power!!!


Anybody who watches late night television or has been keeping up w/ the the Blagoevich Saga probably cam across Blagoevich on Letterman last night.  For those that didn’t know, Blagoevich (aka “Blago”) is the former Illinois Senator who was ousted after being charged w/ trying to sell the Senate Seat held by now President Barack Obama.  Since being arrested, he’s been on a media circus blitz and is scheduled to appear on Donald’s Trump “Apprentice” show soon.  Here’s Blago introducing the Top Ten on Letterman.



Well it looks like Pink Floyd won the legal dispute over their album.  The British High Court has ruled in favor of the popular group, ordering EMI Group Ltd to stop selling songs individually on the Internet.  Music group Pink Floyd sued for their legal costs and possibly more, after providing a contract that solely prohibiting selling the tracks “unbundled” (not in album or whole form). EMI thought the rule applied only to physical albums, not the Internet.

Pink Floyd signed with EMI in 1967 and became one of its most lucrative acts, with its back catalog outsold only by The Beatles.


Lilo is Suing E-trade?!?

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Does Lindsay Lohan need money THIS bad???  The once upon a time actress is suing E-trade for using the name “Lindsay” in their Superbowl commercial. For 100 million dollars!

Haven’t seen it yet?  Well Lohan is claiming that in the commercial, which features a boy baby apologizing to his girlfriend for not calling her the night before while he’s trading stocks on e-trade.  The girl baby gets jealous and brings up “that milkoholic Lindsay.”

Get this!  The actress’ lawyer is claiming that her name is just as recognizable as other one-word monikers, including Madonna and Cher, which means that e-trade had no right to use her name without her permission, because clearly they were talking about her.

Absolutely NOT!  Lindsay Lohan shouldn’t even be allowed to be featured in the same blog post as Madonna and Cher, and to sue them for 100 million dollars?