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Real Talk!!! Looking for a Job???

Hey everyone, if you’re looking for a seasonal job over the summer break, run to your nearest Home Depot.  The Chicago Tribune is reporting that Home Depot will be hiring 2,000 seasonal workers this spring.  They have over 60 locations throughout Chicago and its surrounding suburbs.

U can apply online at or inside their store by checking out a kiosk.  Don’t worry if you’ve never had a job either.  They’ll train you in the areas of customer service, basic product knowledge, and where to find things in the store.



Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart has a new competition going on for high school students throughout Cook County.  Its called the Heads Up PSA Video Challenge and its geared toward raising awareness on the issue of distracted driving.  For the past few months, students have put together 30-60 second viral videos on the topic of safe, non-distracted driving.  Now the voting process has begun and we want all of our readers to get involved.

To vote for your favorite video, please do the following:

1. Visit this address:

2. As you scroll down the page, watch the distracted driving clips posted.

3. Vote for your favorite video, by highlighting it (under the voting poll) and click “cast your vote”.

Various prizes will be awarded to the winning school: Cash incentives toward future community projects, 2011 Auto-show tickets, being on the evening news, etc.