Move over DeVry, Everest, & Westwood College (just kidding) because now Chicago Public Schools will have 21st Century Job Training electives available instead of shop and auto classes.  Students w/ higher testing scores will have the first chance at a spot for the new and improved CPS Schools w/ vocation education.  Also next year school officials and not principals will select students for the new “College and Career Academy” program.  The plan behind the new change is to make students competitive for “mid-level skill” positions that will be in high demand this year. 

Indirectly, the new changes also will prepare students for finding employment coming out of high school, in case students can’t afford college, which can be a gift and a curse.  More students may now look to defer college and start working right out of highschool instead.  I hope more changes come from CPS officials such as these.  CPS need more funding and also need to create funding for positive mentors throughout the school day to further promote positive reinforcement b/c let’s face it, what they hear in school and on the streets are two different things and we all know which side is winning the battle.